Chicago Fire Front Office Staff


Executive Staff

Finance & Administration

  • Dan Vincenti
    Director of Finance and Administration
  • Gina Fremouw
    Senior Manager, IT
  • Matthew Goulding
    Manager of Finance and Administration
  • Ashley Murry
    Senior Accountant
  • Haley Oxley
    Staff Accountant
  • Linda Cardenas
    Executive Assistant
  • Elizabeth Gitterle
    HR Manager
  • Maria Gabino

Fan Experience & Operations

  • Kevin Brewer
    Director of Fan Experience & Operations
  • Amie Monreal
    Fan Experience Coordinator
  • Christian Perez
    Senior Operations Coordinator
  • Lindsey Oettle
    Operations Coordinator
  • Andrew Swanson
    Supporter Liaison

Corporate Partnerships

  • Mary Moloney Sever
    Senior Director, Partnerships
  • Adam Zastowny
    Director, Partnership Marketing
  • Christian Smith
    Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Jaclyn Geffinger
    Account Executive, Partnership Marketing
  • Maddie Dunn
    Senior Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
  • Jeff Ziegenhorn
    Manager, Partnership Development
  • Bastiaan Fehrman
    Manager, Partnership Development
  • Kim Hoey
    Senior Account Executive, Partnership Development


  • Scott Hammer
    Senior Director of Marketing
  • Mathew Patria
    Senior Manager of Digital Marketing
  • Kacey Anderson
    Manager of Marketing
  • Graham Parker
    Senior Director of Strategy and Special Projects
  • Grant Apgar
    Director of Brand and Creative
  • Rafael Alvarez
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Maggie Wierzchucki
    Graphic Designer


  • Tyler Emerick
    Director of Content
  • Justin Hubler
    Manager of Video and Creative Services
  • Ted Bryant
    Senior Coordinator of Digital Media


  • Jhamie Chin
    Director of Communications

Business Intelligence

  • Hart Zwingelberg
    Manager of Business Intelligence
  • Dylan Rowe
    Data Analyst

Youth Development

  • Jamie Lyons
    Director of Affiliate Programs
  • Alli Dimich
    Youth Development Coordinator

Soccer In The Community

  • Lee Hannant
    Director of Soccer In The Community
  • Chris Solomons
    Senior Manager of Community Development


  • Joey Dimas
    Senior Manager of Events

Ticket Sales and Services

  • Cameron Badgett
    Director, Ticket Operations
  • Pete Thompson
    Manager, Season Ticket Sales
  • Mario Gonzalez
    Manager, Outside Sales
    (708) 496-6742
  • Jack Metz
    Senior Manager, Season Ticket Services
    (708) 496-6672
  • Matt Jacobson
    Manager, Group Ticket Sales
    (708) 496-6884
  • Lyn Metzger
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations
  • Patrick Burns
    Account Executive, Season Ticket Services
    (708) 496-6684
  • Eric Dansart
    Representative, Season Ticket Services
    (708) 496-6883
  • Alex Kruk
    Representative, Season Ticket Services
    (708) 496-6779
  • Manny Gomez
    Account Executive, Group Ticket Sales
    (708) 496-6786
  • Baltazar Mosqueda Lara
    Representative, Season Ticket Sales
    (708) 496-6762
  • Andrew Miloser
    Representative, Season Ticket Sales
  • Jacob Smith
    Representative, Season Ticket Sales
    (708) 496-6780
  • Tyler Yates
    Representative, Group Ticket Sales
    (708) 496-6727
  • Elliot Mark
    Representative, Group Ticket Sales
  • Sergio Guerrero
    Account Executive, Outside Sales
    (708) 496-6681
  • Jorge Ugaz
    Representative, Outside Sales
    (708) 496-6686
  • Nick Debrunner
    Account Executive, Premium Sales