Veljko Paunovic

QUOTE SHEET | Chicago Fire 1:3 Philadelphia Union

Quote Sheet
Chicago Fire 1:3 Philadelphia Union
Veljko Paunovic, Chicago Fire Head Coach
Thoughts on the game
“Congratulations to Philadelphia on three points. I don’t think it’s a moment now to go back and analyze too much, go too deep, we have to move forward. Obviously we’re not happy with the performance nor the result, but credit to our guys for pushing hard until the end. I think this team never gave up and tried, after we scored the first one, we tried to push and score the second which would have helped us obviously in order to get the point at least but it didn’t happen, the second goal was a must be but I think we weren’t sharp enough, we didn’t push enough and the team just has to get better. Now we have to think about the next game, recover the guys and think about San Jose.”
On the quick turnaround before the next game
“We think it’s good for us to have a game in such a quick span and I think it’s a good opportunity for us to get better.”
Joao Meira, Chicago Fire Defender
Thoughts on the game
“I think the game was not easy, because we lost, but it was about control. They had few chances and they scored those chances. We just need to keep pushing for the playoffs.”

On the message at halftime
“We knew we needed to be a little bit faster, play balls from side to side faster, and create more chances at the top. Unfortunately they scored a goal early and that killed the plan.”
On getting his first start since his injury
“I felt great, it’s amazing to be back and unfortunately we lost but next time we’re going to win for sure.”
Luis Solignac, Chicago Fire Forward
On his goal
“I saw Matt was about to cross the ball, I know when I’m playing that position I need to be on the second post, be the last guy. I saw they were hesitating so I attacked the ball, took a touch and finished it quick.”
On the quick turnaround before the next game
“I think it’s good to play again so quickly. When you lose the best thing is to right away have a game to focus, train while thinking already about the next game and be able to turn the situation back again on our side.”