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QUOTE SHEET: Chicago Fire at Atlanta United FC

Chicago Fire 0:4 Atlanta United FC
MLS Regular Season
Veljko Paunovic, Chicago Fire Head Coach
On the game
“First of all, I want to thank our fans who came here to support us and to apologize for the loss. Also I want to congratulate Atlanta. A great game and win. And wish them good luck for the future.
For us, this was a hard lesson that we learned and we have to fix a lot of things. But I also want to appreciate the effort and hard work that all of our team had. Playing with a man down – 10 men – it’s never easy, and even more difficult when you don’t have a good result. So we move forward. We are looking to our next three games at home as very important games and we have to prepare better, we have to do a better job.”
On the early red card
“I think the game very early started bad for us and we weren’t capable of reacting and adjusting. But it’s a part of the game. The game is behind us and all I have to say is that we have to do better. We have to learn from this and improve.”
Juninho, Chicago Fire Midfielder
Thoughts on the match
“It’s tough when you don’t get a result. It’s hard to say something, but we had a system to start, we tried to score on the counter but their team was better today. We lost a guy in the beginning of the game and it made everything complicated. But you have to move on, you have to adjust on what we did bad in this game and move on to the next one.”
What can you take away and work on heading into bye-week?
“This is our third game of the season and we played against a good team. They have their system and their different mission and style so we’re getting to know them for the first time. Our experience was not the best, but we have to fix a lot of things. Our coaches will talk to us throughout these two weeks. We won’t have a game because of the FIFA break, but it’s going to help us to take this time to put everything in place.”