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QUOTE SHEET: Chicago Fire vs. Montreal Impact

Chicago Fire 4:1 Montreal Impact
Preseason Friendly
Recap | Highlights


Veljko Paunovic, Chicago Fire Head Coach
Overall thoughts on the match:
“Obviously [I’m] very happy with the performance; very happy with our defensive shape and then the transition into attack. I still think we have to work on our attacking patterns. We have to work on our building out of the back and how we want to progress in the final third. But, overall, I think we had a very good performance in attack, which came from good transitions, very good pressure, and obviously very good conversion of the opportunities. We’ll keep working on all these things and we’re looking forward to our next game and next week of preparation.”

On the starting group getting more minutes:
“I think the game is always a good opportunity to improve fitness-wise, because the distances of the game and distances of the field you can only get when you play. It was a great opportunity for the players that we – at this point – see as our core to perform, to have a very good opponent in front who is always dangerous, who is always a good performer. It was overall a very good opportunity for us to have a great game, great session, and continue our buildup in the preseason.”

On how the high pressure worked:
“Very, very good. Almost all of the opportunities came from that phase of the game. David (Accam) did good – everyone did very good. I’m very happy with that. We were working this week on exactly that, the pressure and how we’re shaped behind the ball. I think the guys recognized very well and they performed very well. We have to keep building our style.”

On Juninho and Dax’s progression:
“I think they’re progressing very well. I think the communication between them is becoming very, very important for the team. Fitness-wise, they’re getting more fit and overall I think they are connecting, leading the team, leading the pressure, and they are also taking the leadership role in the middle of the field. I’m happy. Obviously, we all know that we still have to keep working and preparing.” 

On Nikolic and de Leeuw producing:
“Obviously it’s very encouraging. The identity that starts with our striker – the identity of a hard-working team, a team who helps each other and works hard behind the ball – was there. It’s always starting with our offensive players, which is very important for the team. They’re very good examples for the rest of the team, and they performed very well in attack. Again, I think between them we expect to be a very good tandem in the future and we expect also that they will connect even more and better and they can help each other in both phases – in attack and defense.”