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FIRESIDE: Issue 2 launches with features Francis Okaroh and Juan Luis Anangono

After successfully launching Fireside Magazine back in June, the club is excited to unveil Issue 2 of our official digital magazine. The response from both long-time supporters and those new to the team has been great and we’re excited to continue telling the stories that make the Fire a true soccer club, deep with tradition, honor and passion.

As you slide through the pages of Issue 2 on your browser, smart phone or tablet, we hope you enjoy learning something new about the club’s history and the players and coaches that proudly adorn the Fire crest today.

In this issue, you’ll find special features on the enigma that is former Fire defender Francis Okaroh, Juan Luis Anangono’s arrival to Chicago as well as a closer look at the typical matchday experience at Toyota Park, including what our very own Kevin Egan calls the “True Football Experience.”