Open Cup Final Coin Flip: How it all went down

I’ve said it before but the Open Cup coin flip gives me the absolute worst pit in my stomach for an unscientific estimate of about 2.76 seconds.

With hosting rights for the 2013 championship match on the line with the final coin flip at Soccer House in Chicago on Tuesday, the sheer terror of it all still wasn’t enough to keep me from filming it.

Having been to everyone of these since the third round, I can say there was a noticeable difference in the amount of folks that came to witness compared to earlier rounds. I’d actually estimate about 25 staff members watching the proceedings. It’s for the final right?

Also of note, though I’d been through four of these before with my team involved in each, I certainly didn’t shake as much as I did today.

Case in point, watch my video of the proceedings to find out who won (if you haven’t already seen it on the Twitter)…

Congrats to the winner of next week’s RSL/Portland semifinal. Should the Timbers advance, the final will be played in Portland on September 24. Should RSL win, the final will be played at Rio Tinto Stadium on October 1.

Again, I would like to thank U.S. Soccer for the privilege of viewing all of the U.S. Open Cup draws/flips since the third round this year. While my team didn't come out winning today, I am a strong believer that the current system of coin flips (and envelope slips in the earlier rounds) is the fairest way to decide who should host these very important matches.

There continue to be plenty of ways the Federation can improve this competition (maybe an article for a later date) but I think the steps made over the last two years have been a push in the right direction. Here's to more of that.

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