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Quote Sheet: Fire vs. Red Bulls

Quote Sheet
Chicago Fire 0 – 1 New York Red Bulls
Red Bull Arena – July 18, 2012


Thoughts on the match

“Disappointing for us, any time you lose. Obviously a great player scored a great goal and made the difference. The first half I thought we weren’t very good in possession, and that’s the thing we talked about. I think we dropped a little too deep and gave them a lot of space. They really didn’t create much. The one opportunity I think we lost the ball on the turnover, and Henry obviously showed his class there. What can you say?”

On the heat

“Did you enjoy the game sitting out there? So how difficult is it for the players running around for 90 minutes? Sometimes it is what it is. You deal with it, both teams do. Ideally would you like to play later on? Yeah, for sure.”

On the game plan entering the match

“Obviously you’re playing away, being compact getting behind the ball and being good in possession, all that stuff is essential. And playing very direct; we’re trying to not get stretched and it’s and up and down game because it’s very difficult to sustain that rhythm. So it’s a different game, and you know, I think our ability to be good in possession with the ball, I think we didn’t do a good enough job of that in the first half. We gave a lot of balls away, and there wasn’t really a lot of movement. They were better in the first half with that, and obviously in the second half they did have a couple chances and Henry made the difference.“

On New York’s goal

“Sometimes there are goals you just have to clap and move on. What are you going to do? They played a great ball and the guy showed his class. That’s why he played at Barcelona and Arsenal and those teams. It’s too bad it’s against us, but I’m sure a lot of fans enjoyed that.”


Thoughts on the game

“I think we started pretty solid. We were moving the ball well. And after 15-20 minutes I think we got a little bit away from it, and just kind of lost focus on keeping the ball and we were defending a good portion of the last bit of that first half. For a lot of the second half we weren’t too sharp on the ball and I think that’s what kind of killed us in the end. I think we defended well, cut down a lot of their chances and a good player finished a good goal. Today we could have been better with the ball.”

On the playing conditions

“I can’t talk much about it because both teams were playing in it. There’s no excuse. We both had games on the weekend, we both had to play in the heat. Yeah, of course it did suck out there, it was pretty dang hot. But both teams were playing in it, it’s not like they’re more used to it than we are.”

On if the team was playing for a draw at any point

“We’re always pushing to get the win, but not too much that we’d give up a loss. There wasn’t any talk of just preserving and taking the tie and sitting in. I think we were playing well and there were parts where we could have gotten the three points, but they scored a good goal. We tried to push at the end, we had a chance to tie it back up, but just unfortunate that they made a good play on the line.”


On the heat

“We weren’t the only ones who played in it. I cannot use it as a factor.”

On the team’s overall play

“Like I said, the heat was really affecting. We tried to play as a team but obviously you can’t just run 100% all day, so we were trying to stick with the game plan; to keep the ball and hopefully get one or two chances. But it was just unfortunate we couldn’t just come up with the offensive plays we wanted to.”

On if the heat affected the team’s tactics

“We’re just trying to push it. We know we have a good team, we’re just trying to keep the ball. We just wanted the ball to do the talking, and hopefully get one or two counters and put the ball in the net. Just unfortunate that it didn’t go our way.”

On New York’s goal

“It was a great goal, I believe. But it is what it is. They had their chance, they scored. They had a great game but we’ll see them next time.”

On the match

“Of course, difficult conditions. Overall after 90 minutes I feel it was well deserved to win the game, but of course it could have went either way. The first time in a while we got a clean sheet and that is what we wanted from today’s game. And (we) scored the first goal. So perhaps you can say the players were a little bit scared of the heat. We could have gone forward from central midfield in the second half much quicker but the players chose to have a lot of possession. But I can understand it with this heat.”

On Thierry Henry’s goal

“It’s an absolutely phenomenal goal. Normally when you have that angle and you use your left foot with that kind of volume, you think this is over the bar or something like that. It’s an absolutely phenomenal strike and probably one of the few guys that can do those kind of goals.”

On Connor Lade’s performance

“Connor is absolutely flying. Every time he comes on or starts games, he really makes a difference. His work ethic, his passing game, he’s been much more composed overall. He’s a clever guy. He will definitely improve.”

On the high temperature

“I think it’s both the same for both teams, no excuses. We said before the game there’s no idea just to talk about the heat or the way we’re playing. It has to be smart decision-making and when you have the possession or when to move forward. Because if you lose the ball too quick, you will run in this heat. I think it was overall a decent game with these conditions. But the players were not afraid in a way, because of the heat. We said “Let’s just do our job for 90 minutes.”

On the importance of today’s win

“It is a big win, (we’ve been) picking up injuries and not playing twice in a row with the same team. Three points today and hopefully on Saturday we can pick up a good result and then we have a good stretch and taking advantage of three home games.”


On the match

“It was very hot in the first half. I think in the 25th minute the sun was really on the field and we really felt it.  I felt a little bit better in the second half. It was good to get the three points tonight and I think we are happy.”

On his assist

“I missed a lot tonight, so I can say I can improve a lot with my finishing. I was just happy I created some opportunities today. Thierry scored a great goal so it was great and everybody was happy going in. I’m going to now work on my finishing and I hope to get some more goals on Saturday and win the game.”

On facing former club Philadelphia Union on Saturday

“I already played one game with Vancouver in Philly so it was very special. But now it is here and it’s going to be a memory. There’s a lot of competition between the teams; it’s kind of like a firm. But at this age you can’t really think about it. You just try to do the best for your team. I hope Saturday it’s not going to be as hot but if it is it’s going to be a tough game. They are pretty good right now and we have to be tough and make sure we win the game.”


On his goal

“It was exactly what you saw. I made a move, got the ball, great pass; striker instincts. I went for goal and the ball went in the back of the net. Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t but I’m never scared to try anything, that’s me. As I said on MSG before, I needed to do something, I was pretty useless recently because of injuries, not delivering. I had to do something today.”

On whether he feels he needs to carry the team on his shoulders

“No, I don’t think it’s on my shoulders. We created a lot of chances. We could have had two or three goals today if we finished better. Although it’s not like we outplayed them. When you play as a striker I always feel like after a game when we didn’t win, and I didn’t have an assist or a goal, I didn’t help.”

On the play of Connor Lade coming off the bench

“As I said to you, he’s an energy guy. I’ve been saying it for a very long time, for me, he’s the player of the season so far, with Brandon (Barklage).  They’ve been doing extremely well. You saw it, as soon as he came on the game changed. He was in their face, in their feet, in whatever, you know, typical him; twisting, turning, jumping everywhere. When I turned and saw that he was coming on it gives you a little lift, a big lift. I’m a big fan of him and what I like about him is he always puts his head down and he works. He changed the game when he came on.”


On battling the heat

“First half was brutal. Certainly, Dallas and Houston-like, way up there. It wasn’t so much the heat, it was the humidity, it was really bad. Second half was not so bad actually. It seemed like there was a little bit of cloud cover, maybe the slightest breeze you could feel. It was a tough one for sure. You find out a lot about your guys, you find out a lot about your teammates and guys really dug deep. It’s then type of result that you have to win. Mid-week game, this type of temperature, it takes one moment of brilliance. Luckily, we got that.”

On how much more he drank this game

“To be fair, I probably drank about the same amount but I just had about five or six extra salt packets the night before. I have about one before each game and this time I had about five or six, and they taste god-awful, literally terrible. You just got to force it down and that’s what you have to do.”