Fire North Pole

Fire To The North Pole


There’s a month to go in helping a great Fire fan achieve an incredible goal.

When we started pushing Giovanni Savaglio’s effort to win a spot on an expedition to the North Pole, the 14-year Season Ticket Holder was sitting in 16th place. Today he’s sixth, just one spot out of where he needs to be in for consideration of the trip… We want Giovanni to be able to stake a Fire flag on top of the world, but he still needs the help of the Chicago Fire family to make it happen…

Gio’s pulling out all the stops to encourage people to keep voting for him. He’s now pledged two 2011 Chicago Fire Supporters Season Tickets, to be awarded in a drawing of fans that have voted for him to make the trip. Simply click here and read the instruction on how to vote for Giovanni, then once you’ve done it, post “Chicago Fire” on his entry wall to note your inclusion in the Season Ticket drawing.

If you’re heading out to Small Bar Fullerton for tomorrow’s Section 8’s Food Drive and Post-Holiday Party, make sure to cast a vote for him on his laptop…who knows, he may buy you a beer!

Watch for a profile of Giovanni here on next Monday as we continue to push for him to go to the North Pole ahead of the voting deadline on February 14th!