Does the MLS Playoff format need to be changed?

A Fresh Look At MLS Playoffs


Well, well, well, what just happened within a three day period? The only two sides that qualified for the MLS Cup playoffs in the Eastern Conference were knocked out after their home leg. While the Earthquakes put three past the Red Bulls and won 3–2 on aggregate, the Columbus Crew — who were also down by a goal — put two past the Colorado Rapids and were forced into extra time by a Conor Casey goal.

It took penalties to find a winner after Brian Carroll of the Crew sailed his penalty over the cross bar. So now Colorado Rapids will be hosting the Eastern Conference Final against the San Jose Earth quakes. If you’re scratching your head and wondering how these two sides reach the Eastern Conference Final and why one of them is hosting it, this is how the front office of MLS is doing their playoffs. Those special wild card spots when most of the west coast sides earned more points than the rest of the east.

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