Young Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bratislav Ristic

Ze Doppelgangers Pt. 1

 Have you ever seen a Chicago Fire player and thought they were a dead-on celebrity? With the help from some staff and a few of you, I’ve compiled a list of doppelgangers for all 25 first team players and five technical staff members to display over the next three days here at

Calen Carr & Sanjaya Malakar

I asked Calen Carr in the podcast last week if he could grow back his hair so we could get rid of all the questions related to why he cut it during preseason. The real reason I wanted to see those long locks come back though was so this side-by-side with American Idol starlet embarrassment Sanjaya Malakar would be more authentic… Fire fans young and old though remember Calen’s hair and we still have this preseason head shot, thought to be one of the last photos of his mop that make this doppelganger comparison so perfect.  PS: Sorry Calen

Congrats to Twitter follower @Hove for guessing this one!

Brian McBride & Aaron Eckhart

Ironic because Eckhart played Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight and after a number of blows to the head, McBride has certainly had at least Two Faces (lame attempt at a joke) over the years… 

Logan Pause & Michael Cera

A lot of people suggested that I needed to just put Logan and teammate Peter Lowry side-by-side for this one – Peter is after all called “Mini-Logs” by his teammates and referees have more than once mixed them up during games… In the end I felt the joke was played out. We needed something fresh... So I harkened back to one of my first days working with the Fire, a day that I realized Logan was a pretty dead-on alike with Michael Cera of Arrested Development and seemingly every movie that needs an awkward teen in a lead role… For the record Logan, you are way cooler than George Michael Bluth, Paulie Bleeker and Scott Pilgrim put together.

Aron Hyde & Josh Duhamel

Yeah, not the greatest one… Not everyone is a dead on lookalike of someone else, though the good thing with this is now Aziz Ansari fans know who Josh Duhamel is…

Freddie Ljungberg & Mark McGrath

This one isn’t current but back in his Arsenal days Freddie and the Sugar Ray lead man, turned trashing entertainment television host could have been considered twins. ..

Sean Johnson & Jay-Z

Maybe this one isn’t the best either, though Facebook fan Patrick Douglas agreed with me. On another level, rookie goalkeeper Sean Johnson will soon have more NAPA Save of the Week awards then Jay-Z has platinum records. Mark it.

Marco Pappa & Orlando Bloom

This one’s surprising until you see their photos side-by-side… Through a number backflips this season, I’m fairly convinced Marco is more acrobatic than Orlando, who I’m sure used lots of cables and special effects to pull of his moves Pirates of the Caribbean 6, I mean 3.

Bratislav Ristic & a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Consider this hazing of the “new” guy. Yes, Bratislav trialed with the team for nearly two months, but he’s the newest member of the Fire…  JG-L  has grown so much since his crazy role as Tommy Solomon on Third Rock from the Sun… Bratislav, forgive me.

Krzysztof Krol & Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre from Casino Royale)

Mads Mikkelsen, I mean Le Chiffre, plays poker against James Bond to earn winnings in order to finance terrorism. Krzysztof Krol terrorizes wingers that travel down the right flank and look at those cheek bones!

Kwame Watson-Siriboe & Bill Bellamy

This one may be a bit of a stretch, but it allows me to raise the question, whatever happened to Bill Bellamy? The guy was perhaps the best-ever MTV VJ not named Paulie Shore… 

That ends Day 1 of Celebrity Doppelgangers, Chicago Fire Edition... Comment here with your predictions on the rest of the team for the next two day's posts and if you're right, win a FREE ticket to our match vs. Kansas City on October 12 with the option to purchase more at a discounted rate.


Jeff Crandall is the Team Writer for the Chicago Fire. Follow him on Twitter @JefeCrandall.