de los Cobos said the the players gave a lot on the field

Quote sheet


Chicago Fire Head Coach Carlos de los Cobos

On the match:

“It was a difficult game.  It got complicated early in the game when we got a red card, but the team knew how to handle the situation.  We were generally solid in defense but, again, we made the same mistakes.  It’s a shame because the players gave a lot on the field, and the game was tough, and this was a game they should have won which makes the result even harder.”

“Unfortunately, we are not learning from our mistakes. And if we don’t learn from our mistakes we won’t improve.  We are a team that usually plays very balanced against other teams, and these types of details, these mistakes, are what cost us the game.  We gave two points away which were very precious for our fight for the playoffs, and now we have to look forward to Wednesday’s game against Toronto.”

On Gonzalo Segares’ 21st minute red card…

“Honestly, I don’t know.  I talked to Gonzalo [Segares] and they just told me that he [Segares] went at the other player, Leonardo.  At the end, I have to double check the re-play, but as of now, I can’t say anything.”

On the breakdown on Omar Gonzalez’s stoppage time equalizer…

“It’s because there are players who don’t know how to mark in the area, and 85% of the goals scored in the world are scored in the box.  We just need to get ourselves able to match up one on one in the area.”

On Nery Castillo’s play…

“Today he had a good participation on the field, but because of the red card, we had to move him to a position where he was not as comfortable.  So it’s unfair to judge him in a game where outside forces force us to change the team’s shape on the field.”

On Collins John’s 88th minute goal…

“It was very good!  I’m very happy with Collins for his goal.  This is, surely, going to give him the confidence that he needs.  He has had a hard time with his health this season but he’s working very hard to accomplish his goals with the team, which is to play with the Fire.”

On Collins’ overall performance…

“I saw Collins with a great attitude.  I’m not only happy because he scored a goal, but also because he contributed to the team, and fought through the very last minute.”

C.J. Brown, Chicago Fire Defender

On playing a man down:

“On the other hand, we need to take away some positives.  We were able to hang with L.A. a man down, which is a big positive for us.  Then we’re making the same mistake we’ve made all year long in giving up the late goal, which is the negative part of it.”

Sean Johnson, Chicago Fire Goalkeeper:

On stopping Landon Donovan’s penalty kick:

“I’ve seen two penalty kicks earlier this season from him, so I tried to get a good read.  I think I did and made the save it to keep us in it for a while.” 

On the result:

“We have to take a positive away from the game, we were able to get a draw playing with 10 men, and were even in a position to win it.  In the end we need to walk away and be thankful we didn’t give up three points.”

Collins John, Chicago Fire Forward

On his goal:

“To come on and get a goal just before the end is a nice feeling.  I spoke to one of the guys yesterday and told them I was really hungry to score a goal and to get three points for Brian (McBride).  In the end, even my goal was not enough to secure a win.”

On the result:

“It’s better to get one point than zero points, especially when from the 20th minute we played with only 10 men.  We can take it as a result, but we are disappointed to not earn three points especially since we were only three minutes away from getting them.”

On his health:

“I’m going to keep my head down and do my best the rest of the season.  Hopefully I can score more goals for the club and help get the team into the playoffs because that’s what we need.  With ten games to go hopefully we will get results to make the playoffs.”