John and Krista Thorrington have been married since 2008.
Courtesy of Krista Thorrington

The things we do for love

Keeping up a healthy relationship with your partner might be just as important – and as difficult – as staying on good terms with your favorite club. As a weekend’s worth of soccer approaches, make sure to  keep your partner in mind while your eye strays to the game. MLS wife Krista Thorrington – the longtime sweetheart of Fire midfielder John Thorrington – gave some background on her relationship and how to appease your main squeeze during times when relationships might seem secondary to the big game. How much soccer did you watch before dating John and how much do you watch now? Is there ever an issue over the remote control?

KT:  It's hard for me to remember what I watched before I met John since we've known each other for so long, but I did watch some soccer on TV. I mostly remember getting up really early in the morning to watch World Cup games when I was in high school. Needless to say, I watch a lot more soccer now. We watch games from MLS as well as the European leagues. Fortunately John gets a big dose of the game daily at training, so our TV isn't dominated by soccer when he's at home. That certainly helps us avoid any remote control wars. Have you become a soccer fan since dating John or were you a soccer fan before you met?

KT: I have always been a fan of competitive sports in general, and, because I'm so non-competitive, I really admire the drive and passion of professional athletes. I've come to appreciate soccer mostly since I've known John. How long have you guys dated, and when did you get married?

KT: John and I met in high school, and we've always been best friends, but we didn't date until much later in life. We got married after the 2008 MLS season in Southern California, where we both grew up. Help us out. Pretend you’re dating a 20-something soccer fan again and tell him what he can do for you so that watching soccer isn’t an issue in your relationship.

KT: Contrary to what some may think, I find that women really enjoy watching soccer and going to games. I meet tons of female fans at Toyota Park who are just as enthusiastic as their boyfriends or husbands. Unlike some other sports, a lot of women grew up playing soccer as little girls, or have children who play, so they understand the game.

If your girlfriend or wife isn't already a fan, I would recommend bringing her to a game or to a meet-the-team event. Quite a few friends of mine back in California became hooked on the game after going to one. I feel as though women like to invest in what they're watching, and seeing a game live, or meeting a player, helps facilitate that. Soccer stadiums in general are newer, cleaner, and more family-friendly than other sports arenas, so it should be a good experience for both of you.

However, if you've tried those things, they didn't work, and you're planning on literally watching a day's worth of soccer games back-to-back, you should definitely offset it with some quality time the day before and after. Certainly there are things she enjoys that you guys could do together. That way when you're at the stadium or the bar having a great time, she'll be thinking about how she had a great time yesterday doing whatever thoughtful thing you planned, and you'll both be looking forward to your plans the next day. And, of course, dinner, flowers, and spa passes are always appreciated any time!