Chicago Fire download Schedule

Microsoft Outlook: Right-click to download the 2012 Schedule now 

1: Open Outlook
2: Click "File" from the top menu
3: Click "Import and Export"
4: Select "Import file from another program or file" and click next
5: Select "Personal Folder File (.pst)" and click next.
6: Click browse and select the file you just downloaded - "2012 Chicago Fire Schedule"
(Make sure in the Options section "Replace duplicates with items imported" is selected)
7: Select "Import items into the same folder"
8: Click "Finish"

1. Open iCal
2. Double-click the file you just downloaded -"My E-Cal"
3. Choose "New Calendar" from the dialogue box that pops up
4. Click "Ok"

Note: Double-click "My E-CAL" on the left to rename the calendar you downloaded

Google Calendar: Download the 2012 schedule now

1: Open Google Calendar and click to download the file
2: Locate your settings in Google Calendar
3: Select "Import Calendar"
4: Choose the calendar file you just downloaded
5: Select "Upload" to complete the process

Each home game event offers you:

  • The T.V. listing
  • The match (central) time
  • A link to buy single game and box tickets.
  • Phone number to contact the Chicago Fire's ticket office if you have any questions 
  • A link to the Chicago Fire's Fan Shop

Printable Calendar:

Download the 2012 Full Season Schedule (PDF) 

Download the 2012 Home Season Schedule (PDF)