Postmatch Quotes -- Toronto FC 3:2 Chicago Fire

Interim Head Coach

Some positives out of the game today, Gilberto scores two goals, what can you say about his play today?
Anybody that comes in to play an old team will try and put a nail in someone’s coffin, put in a little bit extra it happens all the time. So credit to him, he was extra motivated and hopefully he can build on that motivation and not just do it against TFC but against every other team in the league.

If you were to draw up a scenario where you score in the first minute you have got to like that, what happened after the first goal then doing it again in the second half?
I will disagree with you on that one it usually isn’t good to score early in the first half or the second half and we did both. It usually gives the opponent so much more time to regroup and drive the game a little bit more but you have to take the goals when they come whether it is early or late in the half. But we have to find a better way to sustain the pressure and that to me is being able to keep the ball and moving it better and that is side to side and getting the opponents to chase the ball a little more. We didn’t do that.

You talked a bit about marking Giovinco not just the first guy but the second guy, still a handful either way. What is it like playing against a guy like that?
Yeah, he’s dynamic he got his stuff done today but I thought overall we did a pretty good job of shutting him down. Jeff did a good job when he was isolated with him; Doody did well when he was isolated. He spun a couple of our guys in the first half at the edge of the box but I thought we had some cover in there, he got in a couple times too but no shame in that he has done it to just about every team in the league.

What are you looking to work on going forward after a whirlwind of a week?
Just the mentality of the team, we are going to have to learn to want to play and want to have the ball and be confident. Whether you are on the road or at home you have to want the ball and want to maintain it.  That is what we are going to be thinking about and talking about in terms of our mentality and wanting the ball and wanting to make a contribution.


Scored two goals against your old team, how did it feel to come back here and score against your old team in front of the fans again?
I love Chicago, I love playing there now but I have a lot of respect for Toronto and what they did for me last year. But this is the business of football and I am a hard worker and this is who I am playing for now in Chicago.

Tell me about the two goals, how did it feel to get the two goals and help your team stay in the game there?
It felt good to get the two goals, unfortunately we did not get the win which is what we came here to do. We need to work a little bit more and we have a big home game coming up and need to work towards that.

What does the team need to get a win next weekend and improve going forward?
We have a strong team a really good team what we need to do now is mature as a team. Last year Toronto brought in a few new players, but our group needs to stick together we are getting better. After one year it is hard to gauge how we are going to be but we are getting better as a group and closer so hopefully next year we’ll be more prepared and go for it.


Patrick, starting with the positives you ended up being the link for both goals can you tell us about that?
The guys up front are smart and it makes it a lot easier for me to do my job. They make great runs and I just have to put the ball where it needs to be and they did the rest. We were in front both halves right from the get go and we had chances but at the end we lost another game and have to keep pushing on.

Gilberto has been around a few games, you guys are linking up well, what does he bring to the team?
First of all he is a hard worker, a great finisher and with him, Mike and Kennedy up there I just need to do my job and put the ball into the right spot for them and they will do the rest and finish it. They are smart players and make great runs so it makes my job much easier. Having said that with lineup shuffles we are still getting to know each other and need to a lot more but once we get that we will be very good.