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Frank Klopas on Robbie Rogers potential return: "We’d like to have him here with us."

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. -- Midfielder Robbie Rogers, who stepped away from the game with the announcement that he was gay back in February, tweeted Tuesday that he would be training with Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy.

The Chicago Fire acquired the MLS right of first refusal on Rogers as part of the Dilly Duka/Dominic Oduro trade prior to his announcement in February.

WATCH: Robbie Rogers talks with Anderson Cooper

Rogers’ move to begin training again comes on the heels of a recent interview the U.S. international gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper in which he stated, “There’s a good chance that I might come back to [soccer] but I need a few months to chill out, hang out with my family, go surf in California, just relax.”

With signals pointing to Rogers’ possible return to the field, Fire head coach Frank Klopas echoed his original comments from  February when he was asked about the situation following Tuesday’s training session.

“Before he came out and his decision we made that move because we believe Robbie Rogers is a very good player, knowing that he would probably at some point leave his team in England. That hasn’t changed.

“It’s great that he came out. I’m sure he has a lot of people supporting him and we are too. He’s a young guy, for him to want to come back and play is great for us, that’s why we took his rights.”

Klopas was then asked whether he’d still like to have Rogers join the Men in Red.

“The only thing I can tell you is he’s a very good player and the first option is to always look to bring him to our team if he decides to play.

“It’s great that he’s back into it. He’s a young man with a lot of years left and it’s something he loves doing. You can never get that back when its past. His home is in LA and he went to go back and play and I think that’s great news.”

Though Rogers is training with the Galaxy, the current MLS Cup holders have not yet reached out to the Fire to discuss any type of transaction.

“At some point I’m sure they will,” said Klopas. “For us, he’s a very good player. We’d like to have him here with us.”