Quaker Bobblehead

Quaker up and Vote for your Favorite Chicago Fire Bobblehead

Okay, let’s imagine that you are the head of marketing and promotions for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. You’ve been working closely with the club’s iconic jersey sponsor Quaker Oats to create a promotional giveaway for their title night, a match between the Chicago Fire and Sporting Kansas City at Toyota Park on Sunday, July 7 at 2:00 p.m. CT live on ESPN.
What’s the first thing that pops into your head?
If you said, “create a Fire bobblehead to give away to supporters at Toyota Park”, then guess what – you’re hired (even if you didn’t guess bobblehead, don’t worry, you’re still hired).
The question now becomes, which Fire player do you create the bobblehead of?
Here’s where you come in:

  • Head over to www.Chicago-Fire.com or www.facebook.com/chicagofire to Quaker Up™ and Vote for Your Favorite Chicago Fire Bobblehead.
  • You can vote on Twitter by sending a tweet to @ChicagoFire (www.twitter.com/chicagofire) using the hashtag of #QuakerLastname (for example: #QuakerRolfe or #QuakerFriedrich).   
  • Every player on the Fire’s current roster is game to get the bobblehead treatment.
  • Voting starts today, Tuesday, Feb. 26. Following a week of voting, the Top Five Fire bobbleheads will square off for the chance to be the Quaker Title Day Giveaway on Sunday, July 7.
  • Voting for the Top Five Fire Bobbleheads will start on Tuesday, March 5 and will run through Sunday, March 10.

Now that we have all of that sorted, you better get to work - Quaker Up™! and Vote for Your Favorite Chicago Fire Bobblehead.