Jalil Anibaba

Anibaba Training With Atlético Madrid

You may have already seen his tweets but earlier today, the Fire confirmed that defender Jalil Anibaba is training will be training with alliance partner Atletico Madrid through December 2.
The training stint, which began Monday, is a result of the club’s Team for the World alliance that was struck with Atletico and seven other clubs on five continents last year.
“I’m excited to be the first player able to take advantage of the partnership with Atletico,” Anibaba told Chicago-Fire.com last week. “It’s a great opportunity. I’m going over there with a view towards improving my game and hoping to represent the Fire as best I can.”
Anibaba, who has started a majority of the team’s games the past two seasons at either center or right back, also gains his first foreign training stint with a European club.
While he is the first Fire player to benefit from the partnership, he’s not the first person at the Fire to do so.
Last offseason, Frank Klopas was welcomed to for a two-day visit to Atletico’s training ground and will return to Madrid later this offseason and training stints for other Fire players are expected to take place in the future.