VoteFire Hashtag Battle DL

MLS All-Star Voting Launched on Twitter Until Friday 10:59pm CT

The next two days are when the actual Twitter “election” takes place and while we want to continue a “Chi-Town Beatdown” on Columbus, we’d also like to make sure our six nominated players get their votes as we continue the mission of making them stars in Chicago as well as in our league.
Thus I write this e-mail to make sure everyone’s tweets are counted beginning today at 11am CT through Friday night at 10:59pm CT.
The Requirements…Every Tweet vote must have…
1)      User must follow @MLS
2)      User must use #MLSAllStar
3)      User must have an UNLOCKED TWITTER ACCOUNT!
       4a)    User must either include the full name of the six nominated players  (Marco Pappa, Pavel Pardo, Sebastian Grazzini, Dominic Oduro, Gonzalo Segares, Sean Johnson)
       4b)     ...or the Twitter handle…in our case that means @MarcoPappas16, @FreakyFast8 (Oduro) or @SJohn25 (Johnson)
5)      User SHOULD continue to use #VoteFire in every tweet
6)      While there is UNLIMITED voting between Thursday and Friday the rule is “One vote, per player, per tweet”. Meaning if you paste “Gonzalo Segares” into one tweet 17 times, it only counts once. If you tweet “Gonzalo Segares” once 17 times, it counts 17 times.
7)      It will likely be valuable to continue tweeting the following link once its published at 11am CT… It will feature Tweet buttons for all 6 eligible Fire players:
What a quality tweet should look like the next two days…
“Pavel Pardo, Marco Pappa, Sebastian Grazzini, Dominic Oduro, Gonzalo Segares, Sean Johnson #VoteFire for #MLSAllStar #cf97”
Without the quotes, that’s 138 characters.