Frank Klopas
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Quote Sheet: Fire vs. Rapids

Frank Klopas, Chicago Fire Head Coach

On the loss:

We just dropped off and I think they were keeping everything in front of us, really. I think keeping possession in our own half really wasn’t going to hurt us or anything, and keeping the ball in front. We just have to adjust with our midfield because they’re playing with five and we were a little bit slow at times just switching and rotating and stuff, and sometimes we were a little too tucked in. But everything was in front of us so it really wasn’t a great game. It was a sloppy game on both sides I would say. For the first half we kind of looked sluggish. I think we looked tired a little bit. And I just felt that on top of that we gave up two goals that we’ve never given up. It’s a game we need to look at, forget, and move on.

On the difference of play in the first half:

We basically played like a 4-4-1-1 and matched up a little bit better in the middle and were a little bit better with the ball. But still in the final third, movement without the ball was not good. We just looked flat. We weren’t really very good on the day. We had a couple of opportunities but I felt we didn’t make them really pay for it on a couple chances. It’s a tough one, it’s disappointing and we’ve just got to move on.

On what was said at halftime:

Obviously to be better with the ball and not force the ball down the middle. Larentowicz was the guy they formed a triangle with the two central defenders. But there were gaps I felt to the left and to the right and big gaps in their line. We had a couple plays in the first half where we almost broke through. I think [Dominic} Oduro broke through a couple times when we found those gaps and played those early balls in the gaps, and we didn’t finish our chances. I just wanted us to be better with the ball and obviously for our movement to be better. And just to find the gaps between their lines and their players in the back.

On whether the team will have trouble offensively:

No. sometimes it’s good that you score one and in other game we’ve created chances. So even like today, in a game like that I felt we had two or three good chances to score. But the chances are there and we’ve got to start putting them away.

On the performance of the goalie:

It’s good, I think we’ve got some good depth in the back there sure. With Paolo [Tornaghi], the other guy Sean [Johnson], who was with the Olympic team that’s back, and Jay Nolly. So there’s some good depth there for sure.

Dominic Oduro, Chicago Fire Forward

On his chance in the second half:

I think I just mishit the ball. I was trying to get a shot but I didn’t get good contact to it. There’s a chance, I wouldn’t say I could have done something better I just could have placed it right, in terms of hitting it. But it’s just one of those (things) that happens in the game. I just keep my head up and look to the next game.

On the physical play against him:

I’m okay with it. It’s a good challenge for me and good competition for me. I work on it. I expect defenders to play hard when they play against me…. I work on the challenge, it’s all part of the game.

Logan Pause, Chicago Fire Defender

On the game overall:

You know, I think it’s a really unfortunate result for us especially coming in here and starting the game off well and coming into halftime at zeros. I think the game was for the taking and I think in the second half we kind of lost our shape and discipline a little bit and we ended up getting punished. On the second goal, you know you’ve got to push the game and try to tie it. But definitely not an easy place to play but definitely a place that we wanted to come and get points.

On what to work on before the next match:

You know, we don’t make the schedule, you’ve got to take it for what it is and now we have two weeks. I think it gives us an opportunity to decompress a little bit and make sure that everyone’s getting back and getting healthy. And then we’ll have a good bit of time to prepare for Houston on the 15th.

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja

On the start to the season:

Obviously we’re pleased to have results. The most important part is that the players and the coaches know where we are, and that makes me even more optimistic.

On the play of the newcomers to the team:

It’s exciting for the group. Players who can come and contribute immediately, because that’s what we want. We want to create that culture within the roster that everybody is eager to get in there and help the team. So having Martín today was good; it was his first game and he doesn’t know much [about] the league. In the first half he missed a little bit of the rhythm, but I thought in the second half he found it and started making everybody play better. So I’m pleased with him, and Kamani, and obviously, it’s all the players. I thought they did a great job, and they have been very patient with us, with the staff, and the change and the transition. So all the credit for the players, for sure.

On Omar Cummings’ recent play:

I know Omar is not a natural lone forward. But Omar is giving us a lot of dangerous plays, he’s getting at the end of things, he’s already scored two goals and I think he’s the player who is getting in front of the goal more frequently, so we’re happy with how Omar is doing.

Colorado Rapids forward Kamani Hill:

On his goal:

It started from a three or four pass combination. It came to me, out to Omar, I remember then it went inside to Drew, back to me, came inside and found [Wells Thompson], and then he played a through ball, the defense kind of parted and I had space to shoot. I took the opportunity, and was fortunate to get the rebound in such a close area, so I tucked it away.

On the feeling after scoring:

It was a great feeling, but also being in the altitude I was out of breath, too…. I’m ecstatic. 

On the whirlwind of scoring just days after signing with the club:

Totally, yeah. But a good whirlwind. I’m trying to take it in stride, and hopefully use it to focus and stay motivated and keep working harder in the weeks to come, because it’s a long season.

Colorado Rapids forward Omar Cummings

On scoring and getting a win:

For sure happy about it, but we’re not trying to get over our heads here. It’s four games, [I’ve scored] two goals, we still have 30 more games to go, so we’re just going to take it one game at a time.

On being happy with his goal:

Definitely, always. But today I think the three points was better. It put us on the top of the table, so hopefully we can stay there.

On the team’s play:

I think the first half was a little bit difficult. Sometimes we were getting in each others’ way a little bit, like passing lanes. Second half we put a lot of pressure on them, tried to move the ball a little bit faster so we opened up spaces a lot quicker.

On his goal:

Once the ball went over to Brian, getting into the box has to be one of the first and foremost things. The defenders kind of rushed for the near post, [I] kind of hung back, hoped Brian saw me, and then slotted it home.