Sean Johnson

Sean John's Air Miles

Sean Johnson is a well-traveled 22-year-old. Having seen the Great Pyramids at Giza before even joining the Fire as part of the 2009 U.S. U20 World Championship team, Johnson has traveled far and wide through his first two professional offseasons, though this past one would outdo most world footballers.

Before the team even wrapped up post-season training camp last November, the Atlanta native was on a plane to Bochum, Germany to train with the U.S. Men’s U23 side for nine days. 

Trip-Tick Mile Count: Chicago to Bochum = 4,340 miles, Bochum to Atlanta = 4,610 miles. Total: 8,950 miles.

After a short stay back in Georgia, Johnson was across the pond again, this time to the blue part of Merseyside for a 10-day training stint with English Premier League side Everton FC.

Trip-Tick Mile Count: Atlanta to Liverpool = 3,970 miles X 2 = 7,940 miles

A few days later Johnson made a short trek to Lakewood Ranch, Fla. for another U.S. U23 training camp before returning to home base for the holidays.

Trip-Tick Mile Count: Atlanta to Lakewood Ranch, Fla. = 498 miles X 2 = 996 miles.

Just before the holidays he received word he’d been called up for the full U.S. Men’s National Team camp, to be held in both Phoenix, AZ and Carson, CA with matches in Glendale, AZ and Panama City, Panama…

Trip-Tick Mile Count: Atlanta to Phoenix = 1,806 miles, Phoenix to Carson = 379 miles, Carson to Glendale = 378 miles, Glendale to Panama City = 3459 miles… TOTAL = 6022 miles.

Then there was the return from Panama City to Atlanta which added another 1,736 to the total of 25,644 “soccer miles traveled”  for Johnson this offseason.

Just for perspective’s sake, I added this to the total miles Johnson has traveled since his first U.S. Men’s National Team camp call-up. Taking into account that camp as well as all Fire away trips in 2011, Johnson flew another 55,110 miles for a grand total of 80,759 miles since early January 2011.

I’m off to go ask if he can transfer some of those frequent flier vouchers over to my name…