California Bred

As is the case on a number of MLS rosters, the Chicago Fire feature a significant conglomeration of players from the state of California, with defender Jalil Anibaba, striker Orr Barouch, midfielder Daniel Paladini and defender Kwame Watson-Siriboe all hailing from the Golden State.

Hailing from the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, Barouch is just 42 miles away from home, while Paladini is 50 miles from his hometown of Northridge. A child of the Inland Empire, Watson-Siriboe is exactly 100 miles away from Chino Hills while Nor-Cal native Anibaba is 400 miles away from Davis.

I surveyed the four on some questions about home to see “how California” the group really is…

Favorite California Eatery… 
Jalil Anibaba: “In-N-Out Burger” 
Kwame Watson-Siriboe: “In-N-Out Burger” 
Daniel Paladini: In-N-Out Burger (though I swear I don’t eat there anymore) 
Orr Barouch: Dan’s Subs near my house… (way to be different Orr!)

Favorite California Activity… 
OB: Going to the Beach 
DP: Golfing at Knollwood Country Club 
KWS: Seeing the family 
JA: Catching up with all my relatives

California Youth Club: 
DP: Real SoCal 
OB: Real SoCal 
JA: Davis Legacy 
KWS: Mission Viejo Pateadores 
Favorite California Sports Team 
KWS: LA Lakers 
DP:  LA Lakers 
JA: San Francisco Giants 
OB: Chicago Fire (yes he’s aware…he really loves the Fire)

Definition of a California state of mind 
More consensus than In-N-Out Burger, all four uttered these two words:

“Chill and relaxed…”

Thanks for playing guys!