Tifo Workshop
Conrad Akier

Fire Fan Tifo Crew Host Two Pole Workshop

The Blues Brothers. Stewie. Miss O’Leary’s cow. McBride as GI Joe. Pop culture and myth, twisted and colored in support of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. These images are painted on fabric and mounted on two poles, held up proudly at Toyota Park (or on the road) by the creator to show their personal take on Chicago Fire fandom and imagery that means something to them. It’s a way for passion, wit and creativity to be shown by Fire fans in the stands.

These graphics – and dozens of others – have added splashes of Do-It-Yourself flair to Fire fandom over the years. Though the finished products can look elaborate and daunting as examples, creating your own “two pole” is remarkably simple – even if your arts and crafts skills are as poor as my own (believe me, that’s a low bar). Usually in this day and age, a graphic is traced onto fabric using an image from a computer, painted and then mounted on said poles. That’s it.

On Sunday February 26th, all Fire fans are encouraged to come out to ChiTown Futbol in Pilsen to learn how to make your own Chicago Fire two pole. A two pole workshop will be run by the Fire Fan Tifo Crew from 3pm to 6pm. Provided will be:

·         Banner fabric

·         A projector to trace your banner with

·         Banner paint and brushes

·         Poles to mount banners on

·         Sewing machine and sewing help to attach the banner to its poles

If you have a specific graphic you’d like painted – something you create in Microsoft Paint would work, or any image you find on the web and want to use – please bring it on a thumb drive or look it up on the web when you arrive and help will be on hand to make it happen. Be creative, personalize your Fire support! Don’t worry, though – if you don’t bring your own graphic, a variety of stock (but cool) Fire graphics will be available to work with instead.

There is no cost for the workshop, and you can leave with your finished product – just be sure to bring it to the next Chicago Fire game you attend! Ample free parking is located in a lot next to ChiTown Futbol, which also serves a fine selection of food and beverages to keep you fueled through the workshop.

What: Two Pole Workshop
Where: ChiTown Futbol, 2255 S Throop St  Chicago, Illinois 60608
When: Sunday, 26 February, 3pm to 6pm (and probably later…)
Who: All Fire fans
Cost: None!

Please RSVP with Section 8 Chicago here to ensure there will be enough paint and canvas for everyone!