Wrigley Field

Soccer At Wrigley?

Taken from Hot Time In Old Town

Last June, the Tribune ran a story that mentioned the Chicago Fire and the Chicago Cubs were at least discussing the idea of bringing soccer to Wrigley Field for the first time since the Chicago Sting played there in 1984.  That story kind of died away but EPL Talk recently mentioned Wrigley Field as a possible venue for Manchester United's seemingly annual summer trip to the United States.

I don't care if Manchester United comes to play but I do think we'll see some kind of soccer in Wrigley Field in the next few years, if not every year in this new decade.  The most recent non-baseball game at Wrigley Field, a college football game between Northwestern University and the University of Illinois, drew its fair share of critics.  My fellow bloggers here at SB Nation were some of the fiercest.  Hail to the Orange called it an 'abomination'. 

That post went heavy on satire but they did list some real injury concerns before getting into the jokes.  Due the negative nature of columnists looking to stir things up, you should probably prepare yourself for a couple of "Didn't we try this already?" and "This is a horrible idea" columns if soccer in Wrigley Field does in fact kick off.  Rick Morrissey, who wears his dislike of soccer like a badge of honor, would most likely be first at the trough.  Any and all of this columns would be off and follow me after the break for the three top reasons you why there is no reason to be negative and why soccer exhibitions are inevitable at the Friendly Confines.

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