The Fire are in the market for a new jersey sponsor

Hot Time’s Xmas List

Let's talk business. We would all rather talk about the Fire's roster... then again it only has 17 players so actually yeah, yeah, let's talk business. Yesterday, Best Buy announced they would not be renewing their sponsorship for the 2011 season. The headline for my story might have read like a panic but I doubt the team will have trouble finding a sponsor to meet their price unless they are looking for $15M or so. If the Fire were truly worried, you have to think they would have demanded an earlier commitment deadline from Best Buy so the club could have the maximum amount of time to make the maximum amount of money. I wouldn't be surprised if this announcement didn't come sooner because the two sides were still trying to work something out.

For of all the nightmare stories out there about corporate partnerships, the Best Buy/Fire one always seemed to work well. Best Buy would hosts events, promote the team, and the Fire would promote Best Buy often too. Number one on any wish list for a new sponsor would be the old sponsor with the yellow tag and black lettering. We all know Best Buy is a very sophisticated business with multiple marketing strategies. They got their company name on the shirt when Cuauhtemoc Blanco was on the cover of FIFA 10 so what more could they ask for? Time to move on I guess. Best Buy, it was great working with you.

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