Giovanni Savaglio (left) on an earlier trip to the South Pole

VOTE: Fire to North Pole

Long-time Chicago Fire season ticket holder Giovanni Savaglio is on a quest to raise the Chicago Fire flag at the top of the world – the North Pole – and he needs the help of the Fire Faithful… See his vision and request below...

My name is Giovanni Savaglio and I've been a Chicago Fire season ticket holder since the inaugural season, and more importantly, a fan and supporter from the very beginning.

I've entered a competition which would take me on a trip to the North Pole as a blogger for an expedition.

At this point you might be wondering the connection is between the Fire and the North Pole. Well, I've always thought that some pursuits and efforts always hold their allure and fascination. One such venture is the symbolic placing of one’s flag at the top of the world. Much like hoisting a championship trophy, the elevating of one’s colors in being able to say "I'm the first" or "I'm the best", still holds appeal for those that compete.

Like Robert Peary in 1909 being the first to reach the Pole, I too seek to duplicate that with the Fire Flag being the first Major League Soccer team's flag to be placed at the Pole. Who knows, I might even end up dribbling a soccer ball with a guy named Santa, who no doubt will be asked for another MLS Championship for Christmas 2011.    

I can't realize such a dream voyage alone. It requires the assistance of a far reaching and respected organization such as the Chicago Fire and its enthusiastic fans. I would appreciate it if the Fire could share the news of my candidacy, along with a link to the voting web site with all your readers on Facebook and Twitter.

Your support and the votes from the fan base would greatly enhance my dream of flying the Fire flag on top of the world. A win for me would be a win produced by the Fire. I would love to represent the Fire in blogging to the North Pole, sending out the blog and images of a successful rising of the Fire flag. On return home, I would submit that flag to the Fire for a keepsake and display.

Please help send me, a Fire family faithful, to the North Pole.



1) Visit Giovanni’s blog page on the Quark Expedition site

2) Click “Login or Register to vote for this entry” on the left hand side (screenshot)

3) Register  and click link in confirmation e-mail (you’ll return to Giovanni’s page) or connect through Facebook...

4) Click “Vote for this Entry”. (screenshot 2)

5) Share Giovanni’s entry via Facebook and Twitter (use #FireUpNorthPole)