Jermaine Jones

The Foreign Player Battle

Bob Bradley went against conventional wis dom with his squad for the South Africa match next week and picked a good number of young players to make the squad. Three young MLS players and three international pro fessionals will have the chance to earn their first international cap next week in Cape Town. What’s interesting about the Rookie Six is that most of them are dual internationals the U.S. has been chas ing to join the U.S. National Team.

The most surprising call-up was Teal Bunbury, the first-year striker for the Kansas City Wiz ards. Bunbury’s father was a Canadian national team star, but his American mother raised him in Minnesota, causing the national team dilemma for the 20 year old. In college, CBC quoted him saying “I was born in Canada, I have a lot of family mem bers there, and it would feel wrong for me to play for the U.S. I feel a connection with Canada.” However, after his selection, the striker said “I felt a better tie with the U.S. I had to do what was best for me.” He has turned down Canada’s national team for three matches as well as the U-23.

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