Andrew Dykstra

Johnson out Friday

Chicago Fire rookie goalkeeper Sean Johnson will not be available for selection Friday after sustaining an injury to his right eye during Tuesday’s training session at Toyota Park.

The injury came during a small-sided scrimmage where Johnson took a shot from close range square in the face. The first-year keeper was diagnosed Tuesday afternoon with Hyphema – which occurs with internal bleeding in the eye, blocking vision.

"After seeing the doctor, he made me aware this type of injury just takes a bit of rest,” said Johnson Wednesday morning. “We're just taking precautions to make sure there are no complications and I have a speedy recovery. If all goes well I should be back to training pretty soon. I’m just taking it in stride, just being patient and waiting for myself to heal."

In his absence, second-year goalkeeper Andrew Dykstra will be between the sticks Friday, making his first start since a July 14 loss to Monarcas Morelia in SuperLiga.

“We have a team full of players that can step in at any time and get a result for us,” said Johnson. “Andrew’s more than ready to go -- I think he’s going to do a great job on Friday. We both prepare for these opportunities and situations – in a long season it’s kind of unpredictable.  We’ve both been on both ends of the spectrum. The team is good -- spirits are still high and whatever eleven players go out on the field on Friday, I think they’ll be capable of getting a good result. Though I may not be able to be there, I’ll definitely be watching and supporting the Fire. I know our fans will stand behind us as well. We still have a chance at the playoffs and I think we can get three points Saturday.”

Johnson is expected to make a full recovery and will be evaluated ahead of Tuesday’s match against the Kansas City Wizards.