Benny Hill & Alvaro Briones

Ze Doppelgangers Pt. 3

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Baggio Husidic

The clamoring was there… Baggio as Adrien Grenier from HBO’s Entourage was in fact highly considered, though I felt given Baggio’s tenacity in midfield and in front of goal, he was much more reflective of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men series… Baggio’s a thrasher, enough said.

Dylan McDermott and Gonzalo Segares

It’s in the stubble folks. There’s something about the five’o’clock shadow that just makes them related…

Dave Annable and John Thorrington

These two are close in so many ways… Both born in 1979, Annable (September 15) is just a month and two days older than Thorrington (October 17)… Though I’m not one for the Zodiac, Annable is also just 10 days short of matching Thor as a Libra.

Benny Hill and Alvaro Briones

This is money. “Profe” Briones gave us this gem of a photo in preseason and I knew it would be useful for something. This comparison works more if you’ve ever been in Alvaro’s office for more than two minutes… A professional when it comes to soccer fitness, Profe is the Benny Hill of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Spot on.

Pete Sampras and Nery Castillo

Both international superstars, Pete and Nery are practically twins, though the tennis player has a good 15 years on the Mexican international. Both come from Greek origins which may or may not explain their very full eyebrows.

Seal and Collins John

I wasn’t quite sure who I would find for a match with Collins, but I completely forgot about Seal… Guy hasn’t had a hit since “Don’t Cry”, but he’s still married to Heidi Klum. Big win, in my opinion…

Willem Dafoe and Frank Klopas circa 1994

To be honest, Frank has always reminded me of the nicest vampire ever… see Jason Segel’s puppetesque take on Dracula in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Having briefly forgotten Frank’s playing days, I found this mug shot from before the ’94 World Cup that looked not like Jon Voight or Christopher Walken, but rather Willem Dafoe of Platoon and Speed 2 fame.  Boo-yah.

Don Cheadle and Patrick Nyarko

Patrick is a speedier version of this Ocean’s Trilogy actor, just ask Don Cheadle…(points to those that get that joke…)

George Lopez and Deris Umanzor

To a person, these two couldn’t be more different, though the hairstyle makes it what it is. George Lopez has gone away from the part down the middle, but Deris still rocks it and makes it his own.

Dan Castellaneta and Mike Matkovich

Kudos to our Director of Player Development John Dorn for this spotting, which he noticed on Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio. Castellaneta is the voice of Homer and Abe Simpson as well as Barney Gumble and Mayor Quimby on The Simpsons.

Jeff Crandall is the Team Writer for the Chicago Fire. Follow him on Twitter @JefeCrandall.