Shemar Moore & CJ Brown

Ze Doppelgangers Pt. 2

Shemar Moore & C.J. Brown

Twins? Perhaps the best match of any of the 30 players and staff identified, C.J. Brown and Shemar Moore basically look like twins. Ironically, both have ties to California’s Bay Area, as the former The Young and the Restless star was born in Oakland and attended Santa Clara University on a baseball scholarship. Though born in Eugene, OR Brown played college soccer at San Jose State University before playing his first professional season with the San Francisco Bay Seals in the USL…

Mark Consuelos and Wilman Conde

Sticking with the soap theme, these two aren’t the best match but still bare some resemblance to each other. The All My Children star, better known for his role as Kelly Ripa’s husband was born in Zaragoza, Spain but grew up in Lebanon, IL, learning English through watching American television. Sounds familiar? After joining the Fire from Colombian side Millionarios, Conde learned English through playing video games.

Chris Rock and Dasan Robinson

I’ve racked my brain for a while now… These two have nothing but their looks in common, but wow, good call on my part…

Rod Stewart and assistant coach Larry Sunderland

Is the explanation even necessary? Stewart, who counts Glasgow Celtic as his favorite team has had a few different looks over the years and so has Sunderland – they’ve both settled on this style and they look pretty similar, though I’ll give Larry the edge in the singing department…

Pharrell and Mike Banner

One of the obvious ones, though I thought long and hard about matching Mike Banner with John Legend. Like some of the guys above, this pair has some connections… Banner is from D.C., while Pharrell was born in Virginia. They also match up well together as Pharrell is a performance artist, record producer and even fashion designer – on the field just this season Banner has lined up at left back as well as on the left and right wings… Jack of all trades, much?

Jose Luis Rodriguez & Carlos de los Cobos

It’s the hair – it’s really the hair.  For those unaware, “El Puma” Rodriguez is a famous Latin-American singer, telenovela actor and now Carlos de los Cobos lookalike.

David Schwimmer and Victor Pineda

More than you think… At 17, Victor Pineda is by far the youngest player on the Fire roster so my original thought was to go with a similarly young celebrity, the problem – Justin Bieber doesn’t look anything like him. David Schwimmer who I’d rather remember for his work as himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm and as Captain Herbert Sobel in Band of Brothers is what Victor Pineda could look like in a few years…

Bradley Cooper and Steven Kinney

It’s all in the eyes folks, but the soft-spoken Kinney is nothing like the loud boisterous character we’ve come to see Cooper play in The Hangover and as the evil boyfriend in Wedding Crashers.

Rob Lowe and Peter Lowry

Peter caught wind of this project and told me he looked like Rob Lowe… Too bad he didn’t know I’m a near obsessive fan of The West Wing and looked for any way possible to include an actor from the show in this project.  These two also have a similar connection having both found their way to California in their youth after being born out east; Lowe in Charlottesville, VA and Lowry in Missoula, MT. To do you one better, Sam Seaborn, Lowe’s character in The West Wing, is also a native of California. #WestWingFacts

Scott Sandalow and Corben Bone

I know what you’re saying… Who’s Scott Sandalow? He’s not a celebrity… Oh contraire… From the first day he began working here as our Content Coordinator, I decided he and Corben were twins. Maybe Scott’s not famous, but to let this one pass just didn’t seem right…

Stay tuned for day three of the Fire Celebrity Doppelganger series… The 10 players and staff that remain are Baggio Husidic, Collins John, Nery Castillo, Frank Klopas, Alvaro Briones, John Thorrington, Deris Umanzor, Mike Matkovich, Gonzalo Segares and Patrick Nyarko.

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Jeff Crandall is the Team Writer for the Chicago Fire. Follow him on Twitter @JefeCrandall.