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De los Cobos column: It's do or die

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — On the heels of the results we’ve obtained in our recent games, we’ve been hit with the reality that this is a team that’s still being constructed, one whose development has been hampered by obstacles and inconsistency.

We have eight games left, a total of 24 points on the line, and the league keeps showing us its generous side. Even so, we must depend on no one but ourselves. If we have any hope of qualifying for the playoffs, we must stop erring where we’ve erred, be more focused and stay poised at all times.

But we must do all that while still being lethal. When the opportunity arises, we have to put it away. If you’ve watched us play, you know we’ve had chances to score, but we just haven’t taken advantage of them to change the course of the game.

We will view each of these eight next games as a final. If we don’t show a do-or-die attitude, it will be difficult to qualify. However, if we play each game with utmost intensity, it’s quite logical to dream of a playoff spot.

Real Salt Lake will be without linking midfielder Javier Morales when we face them on Saturday, but we must not rely on his absence – or anyone’s, for that matter – as we contend the remaining matches.

Throughout the season, we’ve always missed a key player due to either injury or suspension. We’ll have to face what’s left of the season with what we have available, and we’ll try to keep in line with what we’ve been doing.

Going back to RSL, I know Morales’ absence is an important one for the defending champions, but they do count on Kyle Beckerman in the midfield. Beckerman is a very well-rounded player who can dictate the way the game is played. We’ll have to close down the spaces and pressure him whenever he gets a touch on the ball.

I’d like to close out the column emphasizing hope, which is always the last thing to go. Every time you aspire to accomplish something of importance, you must always resolve the problems that come about in the process.

I’d like to thank all of the readers for their support. Your words give me the drive to keep working and I invite you to keep sending your comments to

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