Marco Pappa of the Chicago Fire celebrates with teammate Mike Banner

LA Galaxy match quotes


On the game

“It was a game we knew was going to be difficult.  We faced the best team in the league and the team came with the mentality to walk away with the three points.  In the first half we played well. We were well organized on the pitch. We took advantage of the spaces they gave us because they pressed forward a lot and that gave us clear options.  In the second half certain factors had us defending on our back foot. The first factor was the opposing team had to risk more to go forward.  A series of problems with a couple of players that are not 100 percent because they are recuperating from injuries and were not able to finish the game the way they should. I’m happy with the result because the team deserved it.  They were able to keep possession in the second half, but we didn’t give them much space.  I’m happy with certain individual performances because although they are young they are showing their potential.  We are building a team for the future.”

On Sean Johnson’s MLS debut

“Johnson had a great performance and that speaks volumes about his abilities and character, because it’s not easy to play here at The Home Depot Center against the best team and be such an important player because he had two or threes great saves, which allowed us to walk away with three points.”

On the penalties awarded to the Galaxy

“I really didn’t see the first penalty, and I don’t want to over step my boundaries but I don’t think the second penalty should’ve been awarded, because I saw that play and the player intended to deceive the referee. It would’ve been shameful to go back home without three points because of a refereeing decision.”


On making his MLS debut

“I think it was good, overall it was comfortable. That’s the most important thing coming off two games in the Superliga, I had confidence coming in. It’s another game, it’s an important game.  To start off with a win in the second half of the season was huge for us.

On the two penalties

“It’s part of the game, you never know what’s going to happen, you have to be prepared and stay focused for 90 minutes. We came out with a win, no matter what happened with the two penalties, the call outside the box, but coming out with the win is the most important thing.” 


On the game:

“It was a close game. Our primary goal was to collect three points, but I think we need to improve and work hard this week to prepare for the next game.”

On scoring the first goal of the game

“It was a great collective effort; I received a pass that was switched from the other side of the field while on a diagonal run and put the ball past the goalkeeper. A goal is a team effort and shows the quality of a team.”


On the game:

“It was good. We went up 3-0 early but we pretty much defended the whole game. We fought and defended. The referee made a few calls, pk’s [penalties], all we did was fight.

On his goal:

“I saw Marco winding up for a shot and I expected a rebound and it came right to me.  It couldn’t have fallen any better for me and I put it in.”