Kitchens wrote the famous “Stand and Deliver” message that first appeared on the Section 8 forums on March 26.

A special Fan Friday

This Sunday, July 25 is the three-year anniversary of the passing of one of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club's most loyal supporters, Brandon Kitchens. The veteran of three tours of duty in the Middle East, the President of Whiskey Brothers Aught Five was easily found on Fire game days as he would stand on the capo stand and lead chants for his fellow supporters. He used his passion to write a powerful message to his fellow Fire fans prior to the start of the 2007 Fire season. That "Stand and Deliver" message has since become Section 8's creed.

We'd like to use tomorrow's Fan Friday to remember Brandon and his dedication to both the Chicago Fire and Section 8 Chicago and we're asking for your help. Please submit your photos, stories and memories of Brandon to as we'll commemorate him with a special Fan Friday dedication tomorrow.