Krol DL

Fire Fan Friday


Facebook user David Wilson asks…

How would compare MLS to the Polish Ekstraklasa?

I didn’t really know much about Major League Soccer as a league. Now I can say it’s a much better league than Poland – there are a lot of good players here with good European experience – in Poland we don’t see the same type of players that come here like [Freddy] Ljunberg, Brian McBride, now maybe Thiery Henry. There are very good players in the U.S.

Facebook user Kevin Henington asks…

What is your favorite thing about the Chicago Fire fans?

What can I say? I love Section 8. They come every game singing, they’re crazy about the players and provide a great atmosphere for us to play in. I’m thrilled every time we get to play in front of our fans.

Facebook user Reuben Hussman asks…               

What was your favorite team to follow when you were growing up in Poland?

I followed both Legia Warsaw and Ruch Chorzow

Facebook user Kamil Bednarz asks…

Are you excited that Poland is co-hosting the 2012 Euro Cup? What does it mean for Poland to host such a big event?

It’s a good thing for Poland to host but I’m excited because maybe I’ll get to play in the Euro Cup.  I’m working hard here every day, trying to improve my performances every game. Hopefully the Polish coach [Franciszek Smuda] will come watch me here in Chicago or see video of me playing here and give me a shot. It would be my goal and hopefully I will play in 2012.