Baggio QA

Fire Friday Q&A With Baggio

Twitter user jjayg23 asks:

After watching you display your FIFA '10 skills on Sunday, who are the best FIFA players on the team? What team do you most enjoy using in FIFA 10?

I love playing with Inter Milan. Supposedly Sean Johnson is pretty good. Patrick’s decent. Corben Bone claims he’s pretty good but I’ve yet to see his skills. I’m not showing a lack of humility but I can play as well.  

Reuben Hussman asks via Facebook

Who is your pick to win the World Cup this summer? Who will earn the Golden Ball as best player in the tournament?

Think Spain might win it, they’re probably the best suited team to go far in a major tournament and they’re win in the Euros shows they can win tournaments. If Spain go that far I think Xavi will be the one to lead them there and I’d say he’d be the tournament MVP.

Greg Maryniarczyk asks via Facebook…

If both Bosnia and the United States called you up to play for their national team, who would you choose and why?

I’d probably choose Bosnia just because that’s where I was born. I would definitely think hard about it – it wouldn’t be an easy decision. I guess it would be whichever came first. 

Juan Aparacio asks via Facebook…

What is it like playing in front of your hometown every home game? Why did you choose to wear #9?

It’s the best feeling. You have support from your friends and family all the time. Being a hometown kid people connect with you more. You feel comfortable being at home. This is definitely home for me.

I chose the #9 because there was a player back in my town in Bosnia who’s last name was Husidic and wore the number. He was murdered in the Bosnian War, so I wear it as a tribute to him.

Daniel Lukas asks via Facebook…

What is it like to be awesome?

(Laughs) I think it depends on your definition of awesome. I guess it’s pretty cool. Thanks Daniel!