Pub to Pitch FAQs

Can I bring beer on to the bus?
No. Due to a City of Chicago ordinance, alcohol is NOT permitted on board Pub To Pitch buses. 

Where do I purchase tickets?
All tickets can be purchased on the Chicago Fire website at

Can I purchase tickets for the bus along with a match ticket?
Fire fans wishing to purchase Supporter match tickets in addition to bus tickets should do so directly from Section 8 Chicago. Visiting team supporters wishing to buy match and bus tickets should contact Matt Jacobson ( in the Chicago Fire Ticket Sales department. 

Can I buy tickets at the pubs?
Tickets can only be purchased at the pubs on the day of the match if there is available space on the bus. Each bus will have a captain that will collect cash for tickets on game day. To ensure your seat on the bus, please place your order as far in advance as possible at   

Do season ticket holders receive a discount on bus tickets?
Yes, when purchasing tickets on Seat Geek, you will see multiple options. Season Ticket Holders will be able to purchase tickets for the bus at $10 a ticket. Non-Season Ticket Holders will pay $15. Gameday purchases are $20 for all patrons (both Season Ticket Holders and non-Season Ticket Holders). 

I received a confirmation email from SeatGeek after purchasing my tickets, but the order has a row and seat number. Is this my bus ticket? How do I know if I'm on the list?  
Because the bus tickets are purchased through SeatGeek, the confirmation email includes a section, row and seat number (similar to match tickets). You do not need a ticket to board the bus and seating on the bus is open. In addition to this confirmation email, bus riders will receive a pre-bus email from the club with additional information on departure times and more.

What if I need to change my pick-up location to another pub after I purchase my tickets?
Please e-mail or call 708-496-6656 to change your pick-up location at least three days in advance of the match. We will do our best to meet any new location requests but cannot guarantee changes in pick-up locations.  

Do I need to show a ticket to get on to the bus?
As long as you have purchased your tickets in advance, you will be on the passenger manifest and do not need to show a ticket to board the bus. A captain will begin checking people on to the bus shortly after it arrives.

How do I know what time the bus leaves the bar to go to the stadium?
A full schedule is available at If there are any changes to the schedule, an e-mail will be sent to all bus riders notifying them of the change.

Can I bring food on to the bus?
Yes. We only ask that you be courteous to the bus drivers and throw away any trash you might have before you leave the bus. Bus captains will provide trash bags on the bus.   

Can I leave any items on the bus during the game?
Absolutely. At the end of the match, bus riders should return to the same bus they started from. Buses can be identified by the pub logos on the front windshield.

Are the buses family friendly?
The buses are family friendly. Alcohol is not permitted on Pub To Pitch buses.

Where do I get on the buses after the game?
The pick-up location for the buses will be the West parking lot at SeatGeek Stadium. There will be signage that denotes bus parking. Each bus will have a sign that specifies its corresponding bar(s).

What time does the bus leave SeatGeek Stadium after the match?
All buses will leave SeatGeek Stadium 20 minutes after the final whistle.

What if I have left items on the bus? Is there a lost and found number I can call?
Our bus captains will perform a sweep after the bus returns to the pub. Please email if you have misplaced any of your belongings.