Postmatch Quotes -- Fire 1:2 Impact

Montreal Impact 2:1 Chicago Fire
Stade Saputo
September 23, 2015
Postmatch Quotes

Chicago Fire Interim Head Coach Brian Bliss

On Chicago's performance...
“I thought we were a little hesitant in the first half, and we conceded one. But I thought we regrouped in the second half and that at half time we came out with a little more energy, a little but more collectiveness if you will. We got the goal, but unfortunately we broke again instead of bending. [Montreal is] scrapping for every point they could get to keep some of the teams off their heels in the playoff race. When we get down to the end of the season and points are as valuable as today, this is the kind of play you’ll get. We’ve got all man up and just keep playing.

On Montreal's opening goal...
“I think it was possibly a mistake on the referee’s side. It looked like a foul to me and probably most people in the stands. They have to call it like they see and we kind of have to live with it and we’ve got to still recover from that.”

GK Jon Busch

On the performance and the first goal...
“Obviously disappointed again with the loss. We created some good chances, on a different night maybe some of those go in for us. We’re also disappointed because we feel on the first goal that Drogba throws Jeff down, I mean it’s obvious, and nothing's called. As far as I’m concerned that’s unacceptable.”

On the coaching change
“It's tough for [Brian Bliss], because he had two days to train and that was it. But you could see the difference already in where we’re pressing, and when they were in their zone guys were flying at them and we got a lot of turnovers that way. The boys responded very well to what Brian brought in very quickly.”

David Accam

On the team's effort
“It was a great effort from everyone tonight. There was a lot of positive from today’s game. We played really well, created a lot of chances, and we should’ve taken our chances. For me, even though we lost, there was so much positive in this game.”

On Didier Drogba
“Of course, we all know he’s a good player and he plays with a lot of quality on the pitch. We tried to contain him but with his experience it’s difficult. Obviously our guys still did really well even though they scored.”