FANTASY: #BeatQuincy Fantasy Update and a Change to the Show...?

Hey everyone. I'm still a little sour about my sending off at the weekend but I'm not going to let that get in the way of my latest #BeatQuincy MLS Fantasy Challenge video.

In today's show, I award last week's winner, "Smoke + Mirrors", show off the top prize for the month of March (I'm looking at you Zusi n Me Wynne'n) and then to keep things interesting, take a different direction with the show...

So... I destroyed Jeff Crandall in the first #QuincyTime challenge but let's make it more interesting... Tweet your ideas for the next challenge to me @QuincyAmarikwa using #QuincyTime and we'll sort out the best ones for future episodes!

You can still join the #BeatQuincy MLS Fantasy League by clicking here and using League Code: 17933-3213