The Cow at Chicago Fire training in Ave Maria

When you go on preseason with the Chicago Fire, there are just certain things you get used to...

- All the soccer you can handle 
- All the Chicago Fire training gear you can handle
- Three minute drives to Ave Maria's North Park
- A drink or three at the local Queen Mary Pub
- Animals at training...

Yes, those that remember our run-in with Charlie the Alligator during training camp last year in Charleston, would be happy to know that we had a cow, who I'm calling Merle, pull up and watch our small-sided games today.

Merle obviously reads Always on the Inside because when I went to switch my camera to record video, she quickly moved along for fear of becoming what some know as "Charlie the Alligator-famous".. Alas, all I got was this photo:

I'll still keep you posted if she comes back this week...