Gargan and Sega Flex Artistic Muscle

Not to get all bookish on you when you’re trying to get your blog on, but the definition of art (when you Google it, we couldn’t find a dictionary lying around) is stated as – the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Or, works produced by such skill and imagination. 

When evaluating the above definition it is easy to find the same beauty in a darting off-ball run to the near post as Boticelli’s Birth of Venus. Skill and imagination (and teamwork) are ever-present in a Diego Rivera mural as they are in a series of combination passes that lead to a goal. A well-struck, perfectly placed goal can evoke a similar reaction to seeing van Gogh’s Starry Night for the first time.   
For the second consecutive year, the Chicago Fire teamed with Arte y Vida to put together an event combining art and soccer with the proceeds benefiting the Chicago Fire Foundation. Fire defenders Dan Gargan and Gonzalo Segares and 20 others displayed original works proving that soccer permeates all aspects of our city, encompassing varied views and opposing opinions. 
Touchline TV caught up with Gargan, Segares and Chicagoland artists to get an (Always on the) inside look at the art, the inspiration and Bob Ross.