Back to Boston with Michael Videira


As I packed for this weekend’s trip to New England this morning, I came to the realization that I’ve never been to Boston. I decided to sit down with the Fire’s resident Boston expert, Millford Mass. Native Michael Videira to get his view of returning to his hometown, playing against his former team and learn a little bit more about our destination....

Jeff Crandall: Vito, thanks for joining me here at the gate inside O’Hare Airport. In your time with the Fire, I’ve noticed that you’re usually the only one wearing short sleeves when it’s cold outside. Today, sitting at the gate, you’re the only player that has shunned the full tracksuit for the Fire-issued golf shorts. Are you trying to be different or just hot all of the time?

Michael Videira: (Laughs). Having grown up in the northeast I think I’m just conditioned for the cold. While some guys look like they’re freezing, I feel pretty normal. Maybe it’s a Boston thing.

JC: One former Fire player I remember always wearing short sleeves in the cold was Tony Sanneh. Any connection?

MV: Tony was a great player but I don’t derive any inspiration in that way from him. I remember there were a couple games at the beginning of the season where it was cold. I always want to wear short sleeves but I usually will wear them with gloves. Our equipment guy Charles [Raycroft] won’t let me do it anymore because he says it’s not a good look. I disagree.

JC: How does it feel to be going back to your hometown for a game against your former team?

MV: It’s definitely exciting. I haven’t been back there to play in a while. It’s going to be good to get back – see old teammates from my club and youth soccer days, former teammates with the Revs and a lot of friends.

JC: I had a higher than normal comp ticket request on Tuesday in Detroit. How much have you bugged [Team Administrator] Ron Stern to make sure all your friends are there on Saturday?

MV: I don’t need too many comp tickets, at least that I know of right now. I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of requests probably tonight. A couple buddies will come for sure. It’s usually a last minute thing, I’m expecting a barrage of calls the next 18 hours…

JC: You joined the Fire last year with your former Revs teammate Cory Gibbs. Another former teammate, Kheli Dube, signed with the Fire earlier this year… Do you guys ever reflect on your time in New England?

MV: It’s funny because we talk about those old, memorable locker room stories. We talk different teammates and how the organizations compare and contrast. It’s nice to have that sort of connection carry on in another club When these sort of ridiculous stories come up in a conversation with your new teammates, you have someone else to back you up with the stories you have.

JC: Could you enlighten us?

MV: I believe “Always on the Inside” should remain PG.

JC: Fair enough! What’s your favorite Boston team?

MV: The Bruins, no question. I just love watching hockey. Its hard living in Chicago when you’re rooting for a team in Boston. It was much easier there. In a lot of ways, the two cities are very much alike in the passion for their teams. You’d be hard pressed to walk into a bar in Chicago during a Blackhawks game and ask them to turn on the Bruins. It would be the same if the tables were turned in Boston.

JC: Aside from Massachusetts, you’ve lived in North Carolina, Scotland and Chicago. How’s your Boston accent doing?

MV: Not great. I don’t think I have a good Boston accent at all. I have a few words that some people would notice but it’s sort of left me over time. One thing to note is that I’ve lost the word wicked since I’ve moved to Chicago… My other buddies that live in Boston won’t stop using it and its wicked annoying.

JC: This was a wicked good interview, Mike!

MV: Oh man…