Another Blog Cliché?

As my granpappy used to say, a blog in the hand is better than two in the bush. 

It seems as if all the kids these days are putting together blogs and since we’re team players here at we thought we’d answer the bell, not pull any punches and barge right in to this whole blog scene. 
Our new blog, Always on the Inside,  won’t blog around the bush, we’ll do our best not to blog up the wrong tree and we’ll certainly not blog a dead horse (for a number of reasons, but mostly because that’s cruel). 
Since bloggers can’t be choosers, here at Always on the Inside we are going to stick to what we know. There will be no blog and bull stories, instead we’re going to put our blog to the grindstone and provide an in-depth look that cuts to the chase and provides a detailed look (through Fire colored glasses) at soccer in Chicago. 
We won’t be blogging until we are blue in the face, there will be a number of voices on Always on the Inside and we’re hopeful that you the reader will step up to the spot and throw your proverbial hat in the ring. We don’t want you to handle our blog with kid gloves and to the commenter go the spoils. So please utilize Always on the Inside as your soap box, we’re an open book. 
Well, I’m out of gas. Don’t throw this blog out with the baby water (or is it bath water?) because Always on the Inside really is a blog of a different color. 
Out of the frying pan and into the Fire, 
Welcome to Always on the Inside.