Frank Klopas
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Quote Sheet: Fire vs. Dynamo

Quote Sheet
Chicago Fire 1 -2 Houston Dynamo
BBVA Compass Stadium – April 14, 2013
Frank Klopas, Chicago Fire Head Coach
Thoughts on the match
“I felt that we deserved better, but the little things towards the end obviously hurt us. I think that we should have walked away with at least a point, but what are you going to do.”
On trying to break Houston’s unbeaten streak
“We just wanted to come and play well, stay compact, but you don’t think about that. Maybe there is more pressure on them to come out and get the record. Dealing with the temperature was the one thing we wanted to focus on. We wanted to be better in possession and not make a really high tempo game because that would affect us.”
“I thought we did well in the first half. The second half they had a little more of the game, but still we had some good quality chances, the one with Maicon [Santos] and out of nothing we give up a set piece for the second goal. It is what it is, we just have to regroup and get ready for the next game.”
On not being able to force Houston out of their game plan
“Yeah, that’s the game. You come out here and play with them and you have to defend crosses in the box, you have to make sure you get tight on the wide players. We know that they play that way and I think there are moments on the game where momentum shifts and when you get the ball you just have to take care of it better.”
“I just think when you give up two goals it is difficult. We did create some chances and if we score the second goal it changes things, so that is why I kind of felt that we had a good opportunity to walk away with points. With the game winding down walking away with a point, you feel good on the road.”
Sean Johnson, Chicago Fire Goalkeeper
Thoughts on the second goal
“Obviously, Brad Davis has a good service. You just have to limit the times he gets the ball. He was able to put the ball into good spots and they were able to capitalize.”
On talking often with his defenders
“I actually thought [the Dynamo] got more crosses off the right side, they were high up, they were dangerous. On the left side we weren’t really troubled. Brad Davis is the one you have to key in on. I don’t think anybody else on the team was very dangerous coming in. Yeah, they got a couple shots off, but nothing too dangerous. You have to give credit to Houston, they came out and executed their game plan on a day where I thought we weren’t bad, but there are certain things in certain areas of the field where you have to be a little smarter. We will get back and work on it as a team. I think we will get better and going forward we will be okay. We just have to fix some things and get ready for Columbus next weekend.”
Dominic Kinnear,  Houston Dynamo Head Coach
Thoughts on the unbeaten streak
“It’s about consistency. If you look back at when we came here in 2006, our record at home has been pretty remarkable. To go unbeaten for this amount of time is also very impressive. People say ‘What is the secret?’ and I always say that we just have a good team. I think we have always had a good team, have always played well at home but if you don’t have a good team, you don’t have that record.” 
“The one thing I never question is [the team’s] attitude and their desire to try. It’s been a pleasure watching these guys over the last eight years. It’s easy to coach players who are dedicated and determined and have a will to win and to not get beat.”
On bouncing back after the loss at Portland
“This team has always had a good record after a loss. There are not too many times that we have lost two in a row. We talk about traits of this team and one is that these guys really hate to lose. Everybody loves to win. I think some teams take losing very bitterly and I think they do that. “
“The most important thing is getting the win. You always want to finish as high as you can in the conference. I think when you look back, our record after a loss is pretty impressive. It’s also important because sometimes when you lose a couple in a row, it drags on and the team gets a little down. But when you can bounce back and get a win, it picks everyone up.”
On the team finding space down the wings
“Brad [Davis]’s play on the first goal was excellent. Andrew [Driver] started off the game very well, getting behind their left back and causing them problems. Even if you don’t get goals out of it, you are still softening up the defense a bit. We said before the game, if [Will Bruin and Giles Barnes] could hold the ball up and find our wide guys then we thought it would cause them problems.”
Brad Davis, Houston Dynamo Midfielder
On the home unbeaten streak
“It means we are playing well at home. Every team will say the exact same thing. We really enjoy playing here at home in front of our fans. As Dom said, we take a lot of pride in it and love playing here. We know it’s tough for other teams and we want to take advantage of it. Mentally, we have a very strong group here. It’s a great characteristic to have and our team has a lot of it.”
“It’s a lot of fun to be on this team. You know what you are getting week in and week out. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication to complete something like this. We take a lot of pride and want to give our fans something to enjoy. We have been doing that and we want to continue doing that.”
On the consistency of the squad from last year to this year
“We have had a pretty darn good team since we have come here. Every year we have a good team. Last year was last year, but we pretty much have the same team here. We added a couple new players, but that’s what happens. New guys have come in here and have learned real quickly what it takes to fit in with this group. They come with a good mentality and ready to work. We have a good group of guys that love going out there and love battling for each other. One of the biggest things is when you see our backs against the wall, that’s when these guys usually come out on top. I love to be here and I love to be part of it.”
On the second goal
“It was one of those things where you try to hit the ball toward the back post. It’s a very difficult ball for the goalkeeper to handle. They don’t know if it’s going to get touched and if nobody touches it then it goes in.”
Will Bruin, Houston Dynamo Forward
On having Brad Davis serve in crosses from the wing
“Well he is going to put the ball in dangerous spots no matter where it is. He had the ball out wide and turned that guy inside-out, we made eye contact and it’s one of those things where I know he is going to put the ball on my head every time.”
On the home unbeaten streak
“Yeah, I would say that we haven’t been talking about it in the locker room and that we were just worried with getting three points in the game. It’s nice to have it now and break it so we don’t have to worry about talking about it every weekend. We want to make it so that nobody else can reach it.”