The Chicago Fire Soccer Club recognizes and celebrates the pride and passion for the world's most popular sport. Soccer is embedded in much of Hispanic heritage and throughout the United States in the Hispanic communities.
The Chicago Fire is proud to present "Hispanic Heritage Night," whose respect and interest in our communities is demonstrated by supporting this special event.
Hispanic Heritage Night is celebrated on a very special evening in which Hispanic culture is celebrated in its entire splendor. The Fire will host a special evening that will include musical acts and performances from different countries, a pre-game festival, interactive games, and the honoring of distinguished members of the local Hispanic community.
Come out and join the party and celebrate our Hispanic culture together with the Chicago Fire!



Event Details

Hispanic Hero Submission Deadline: Tuesday, August 21st

Match Date:
Sunday, September 2nd

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  • Honoring 11 Hispanic Heroes from Community
  • Interactive Games and Activities
  • Pre-Match Performances



Contact Info

For questions, please contact Diana Ramirez at events@chicago-fire.com or (708) 496-6660.