UIC Athletics Night with the Chicago Fire

On this special night, all UIC employees, students, alumni, athletes, family and friends have the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discounted price!

Choose from two options:
$28 – Bus and ticket package, 21+ only, includes free: two 8oz beers, hot dog, popcorn as well as a round trip bus ride to/from TOYOTA PARK for the match. Choose from three locations: FADO Irish Pub, The Shambles Galway Arms. **
$20 – Corner tickets for all ages which are regularly priced at $28 are available for only $20.

To order individual tickets for matches, simply Click Here and enter the special offer code “Fire”.
** Please e-mail your selected bus location to aeiden@chicago-fire.com with the number of people in your party. The bus may leave directly from the bar to the stadium and not go to any other bars. Your bus will return back to the same bar after the game. You may bring your own beer or cooler with you on the bus but any drinks must be in cans. Neither the bus company nor the stadium allows bottles. We do not provide beer on the buses.

Bus schedule:
Leaving Galway Arms at 5.30pm - Click for map

Leaving Shambles at 5.30pm - Click for map

Leaving Fado at 5.45pm - Click for map

For questions, please contact Drew Eiden at 708-496-6785 or aeiden@chicago-fire.com

Chicago Fire vs. Vancouver Whitecaps – Saturday, July 14th @ 7:30 p.m.

Order Your Tickets Today!
(Use Special Offer Code “Fire”)