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General Info

Chicago Fire Foundation Associates Board

The Chicago Fire Foundation (CFF) Associates Board is comprised of 20-30 dynamic young professionals who are engaged in the Chicago community and share a common interest in soccer and youth development. Associates Board members act as ambassadors for the CFF by supporting events and programs and engaging other young professionals to make a difference in the local community.

The CFF Associates Board supports the CFF’s commitment to improving the quality of life throughout Chicagoland through sports-based youth development and direct-service programs.

The Chicago Fire Foundation is led by Executive Director Jessica Yavitz and the Board of Directors. The Associates Board was formed in 2016 to continue the Foundation’s reach and impact in Chicagoland.

The mission of the Chicago Fire Foundation Associates Board is to:

  • Support the Chicago Fire Foundation and Chicago Fire Soccer Club by increasing public awareness of the Club and its community outreach
  • Raise funds for CFF programming through membership and events
  • Expand reach of CFF’s development programs in Chicagoland
  • Provide networking opportunities for members
  • Participate in and volunteer at events put on by the CFF and CFSC throughout the year

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Criteria for Membership

  • Membership is reserved for individuals aged 21-40 at the time of application. Membership terms are one year with five-year max terms. Memberships can be renewed annually if membership requirements are met.
  • Prospective members also should be interested in the mission and objectives of the board and have time to fulfill the responsibilities of membership.
  • Financial responsibilities include paying annual membership dues and supporting fundraising efforts.
  • Meeting requirements include monthly board meetings and various committee meetings as needed for event planning and board operation.

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Responsibilities & Privileges

All members of the Associates Board of the Chicago Fire Foundation have the following privileges:

  • Right to vote, hold office, and propose a candidate for membership
  • Represent the Chicago Fire Foundation and Chicago Fire Soccer Club in the community
  • Invitation to attend all Associate programs and events

Meeting Requirements

  • Attend monthly meetings—Members must attend a minimum of two-thirds of the meetings held during the year with at least three being in person. Other meetings can be attended via phone if needed.

Financial Obligation

  • Pay $100 in annual dues by the second general board meeting of the year—100% tax deductible

Fundraising Obligation

  • Participate in and actively raise funds for CFF events
  • Purchase tickets to the CFFAB annual event. The number of tickets to be purchased will be determined on an event by event basis by the Chicago Fire Foundation.
  • Submit a list of potential donors and sponsors

Volunteer Commitment

  • Participate in at least one P.L.A.Y.S. Program event (practice or gameday)

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  • Executive
    • President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Additional committees may be added on an ad-hoc basis as needed. Members are encouraged to participate in these committees as they are formed. 
    • May include: Event Committee, Membership Committee, Sponsorship Committee, or others as needed

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  • An official Associates Board notebook
  • Receive two (2) tickets to one Chicago Fire home game (mutually agreed upon) during the 2019 regular season
  • Gain leadership experience and professional development
  • Develop skills in event planning, fundraising and outreach
  • Network with other young professionals in Chicago who have a similar passion for philanthropy, sports and/or youth development
  • Plan and participate in local fundraising events for Chicago Fire Foundation
  • Opportunities to enjoy special privileges such as stadium tours, exclusive events, etc. 

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How To Apply

Applications received after July 1, 2019 will be considered for the following calendar year. Please fill out the application HERE and submit it along with a copy of your resume to or fax at: 708-496-6050.

Questions? Please email or call Jessica Yavitz at 708-496-6740