Junior Supporters FAQ

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Q: Is this the same as Kids Club?

A: Junior Supporters Club is a new program that has replaced Kids Club. Junior Supporters Club strives to develop a deeply loyal and engaged youth fan base for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. It is more soccer and club-focused than the Kids Club Program.

Q: If my child was a Junior Supporters Club member last year, do I have to re-register him / her?

A: All 2018 Junior Supporters Club members will automatically be enrolled into the FREE Junior Supporters Club membership for 2019. There is no longer a paid (premium) version of the Junior Supporters Club. 

Q: How will I receive my special ticket offers for Junior Supporters Club days?

A: All ticket offers will be sent through the monthly Junior Supporters Club e-newsletter. Make sure to input your correct email address (the parent’s email address) upon registration.