Chicago Fire Pre-Academy

The Chicago Fire Pre-Academy is an age specific development program that provides elite training to prepare youth players for the Chicago Fire Academy system. Over the past five years, the Chicago Fire Academy has recognized a need to reach youth players at younger ages to develop their technical skills, training habits, and the Fire style of play. For the coming 2014-15 season, players will be selected to enter the Pre-Academy program if born between 2005-2009.

The main goal for the Pre-Academy is to develop talented and dedicated players to enter the Chicago Fire Academy program.

To reach this goal, the program will provide a focus on:

* Individual player development

* Technical excellence with mastery of fundamental footskills

* Confident decision-making and creativity on the field and in the game

* Embrace the highest level of sportsmanship

* Foster a life-long passion for the game

Pre-Academy Coaches

Charlie Trout (Current Academy Head Coach 2001-2004) is the Head Coach for the 2005 Pre-Academy team. Charlie has worked within the Chicago Fire Academy system since 2011.

Rodney Trask (Pre-Academy Development Coach) is the Head Coach for the 2006- 2009 Pre-Academy teams. Rodney has worked within the Chicago Fire Academy system since 2013.

The Pre-Academy (Birth year 2005) will be located at Bridgeview, Il.

The Pre-Academy (Birth years 2006-2009) will be located on the Midway Plaisance by the University of Chicago.

For more information regarding the 2005 Pre-Academy program please contact

For more information regarding the 2006-2009 Pre-Academy program please contact