Academy Philosophy



In all areas, the Chicago Fire Academy will work together, in the best interests of the players and club, to accomplish the following results:

  • Provide the club’s ‘soul.’ Our club-developed talent will provide the fundamental core of the first team.
  • Be a good neighbor. Our academy will produce men of character who see the value of serving their community.


Train players in a manner that they can play anywhere on the field, treating them so they’ll never want to leave.


The Chicago Fire academy prides itself on the development of players through four areas of focus:

  • Creativity – Players should able to fully express their abilities from both a physical and psychological standpoint, which is why our academy emphasizes the need for high functioning technical skills as well rapid in-game decision-making.
  • Possession – A successful team is one that has the ability to assert itself upon any opponent. Our academy teaches young players how to keep the game in their opponents’ half, press, and defend high to create pressure.
  • Adaptability – On top of his own technical abilities and soccer IQ, a successful player must know how to work well within a team. Our coaches instill the ability to be fluid on the pitch and to play both in and against different formations to maximize the impact each player is able to make in games.
  • Individuality – Our academy coaches believe in tailored progression plans for our players. Technical skills evolve in different and varying manners for each person. It is therefore our goal to nurture the growth of each and every one of our players on an individual basis as a result.