2017 Season Ticket Holder Playoff Pricing is HERE!

All Season Ticket Holders can buy up to 2x the amount of Playoff Strip packages based on the number of season tickets owned at the STH rate available in an invoice on your Digital Account.

How the Playoff Strip works:

The price listed on your invoice indicates your price for your total amount of strip packages (2 Season Tickets in 2017 = 2 Playoff Strip packages) price over potential of 3 home games, reminder that a potential MLS Cup match is not included in the strip.

Committing to the Playoff Strip by following the invoice process on your Digital Account, will NOT charge you until the day following confirmation of a Chicago Fire Home Playoff game at Toyota Park. Season Tickets Holders will have an exclusive ten day window from September 22nd through October 1st to purchase their playoff strips at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will playoff ticketing work? How many tickets can I buy for the playoffs and do I get my seats?
All Season Ticket Holders receive priority pre-sale access to their seat location and ability to purchase our Playoff Strip (each round of playoffs excluding MLS Cup) at a discounted price for MLS Playoffs. Purchase of the Playoff Strip guarantees that every home game we have, you have tickets in your seats at your price. Full Season Ticket Holders can buy up to 2x the number of seats on the account at the Season Ticket Holder rate and 2x during the pre-sale window. 17-Ticket Flex Plan Holders can either buy 2 tickets or put down 2018 Season Ticket commitment to get same benefit as 2017 Full Season Ticket Holders.

Q. How will I be charged from round to round of the playoffs?
As home games are confirmed for specific round (Knockout, Conference Semi-Final, Conference Final), you will be charged on agreed credit card for the game. Season Ticket Holders will have priority access for MLS Cup tickets.

Q. Can I buy playoff tickets if I have not renewed for 2018?
Season Ticket Holders who renew for 2018 through the “10% off for 10 Days” will also receive 10% off 2017 Playoff Strip. Season Ticket Holders who do not renew for 2018, will forgo the 10% off on Playoff Strip, but ability to purchase the Playoff Strip at a season ticket holder discounted price.

Q. What if I do not want to buy the Season Ticket Holder Playoff Strip right now?
Following the 10-day window for playoff strip tickets, Season Ticket Holders will have the ability to purchase single matches in the presale window from October 2nd-6th. Season Ticket Holders also may buy during both windows with the ability for 2x the amount of season tickets owned. (2 Season Tickets in 2017 = up to 4 Playoff Strip packages plus 4 tickets to each match during presale)