Chicago Fire Stadium Security Procedures

Toyota Park

In conjunction with the recently announced elevated security standards across all 20 Major League Soccer venues, the Chicago Fire have begun security screening of ALL FANS entering Toyota Park effective May 21, 2016.

This enhanced security screening is conducted via hand-held metal detectors at all gates to the stadium. The club is making every effort to ensure our entry process remains as efficient as possible.

As both fans and security personnel adjust to this new process, lines to enter the stadium will be longer than you’ve experienced in the past. Therefore, we recommend that all fans allow extra time for stadium entry. All stadium gates open 60 minutes prior to kickoff.

Please review a list of frequently asked questions below to help you save time during the screening process. Also, visit for additional information on prohibited and permitted items lists.

The increased security policy was unanimously supported by the MLS Board of Governors and involved input from all 20 MLS clubs.


Tips for fans:
• Allow for additional time to get into the stadium - lines will be longer than you've experienced in the past
• Leave all prohibited items at home
• The less you bring, the more time you can save
• Have your ticket ready to be scanned

Q: Why are the Fire implementing the use of hand-held metal detectors at the stadium?
A: The enhanced security measures are the result of Major League Soccer’s continuing work aimed at standardizing and improving security practices across every MLS venue to ensure that all fans are safe.

Q: When did the new stadium entry policy take effect?
A: As of May 21, 2016, ALL FANS entering the stadium must be screened with a hand-held metal detector.

Q: What can fans expect at the gates of Toyota Park?
A: Fans will be subjected to metal detection by hand-held wands prior to having their tickets scanned. Guests will be asked to remove all metal items from their pockets and hold them in front of their body. If the device detects the presence of metal anywhere else on the body, the guest will be asked to remove any other additional items. If, after this process is complete, the wand still detects metal, the guest will be asked to consent to a pat-down of the affected area to be granted entry to the venue.

Q: Are you changing other gate policies or your list of prohibited items for 2016 as well?
A: All other standard Toyota Park gate policies and procedures remain unchanged for the 2016 season. A list of all prohibited items can be found here. There will be no storage available for prohibited items.

Q: What is the bag policy at Toyota Park?
A: Only bags that are 14"x14"x6" or smaller will be allowed into the stadium. Fire season ticket holder and Fire drawstring bags are allowed. All bags are subject to search upon stadium entry.

Q: Do I have to take off my jacket, belt or shoes?
A: No. Fans will not be required to remove belts, shoes, or jacket. Fans will be required to empty pockets, and to ensure that no prohibited items are on their person.

Q: Does this mean it's going to take a long time to get through the gates before each game?
A: As we implement this security enhancement, we are making every effort to ensure our entry process remains as efficient as possible. As with any new procedure, we anticipate an adjustment period for our staff and fans. We encourage fans to plan for additional time needed to enter the stadium. We appreciate your patience.

Q: What if I don't want to be subjected to a screening by a hand-held metal detector?
A: If a fan has a medical condition and does not want to be screened by the hand-held metal detector, they will be directed to a security officer at that gate who may provide the fan with an alternate screening. If you elect to not consent to the screen, you will be denied entry to the stadium.

Q: Do children have to be screened by the hand-held metal detectors?
A: All people who enter Toyota Park are subject to the enhanced security screening process as required by MLS.